Vitamin S, The Unsung Health Supplement.

Thanks to Squid we have evidence of Vitamin S being more than just ‘clever’ euphemism used to give better PR to swallowing. In a study published in the journal Biology Letters, a team of researchers observed that female squid would consume Vitamin S to acquire essential nutrients needed for specific biological processes.

An individual’s gametes can represent a nourishing food source for a manipulative mate. Here, we provide evidence of ejaculate and sperm consumption in a cephalopod. Through labelling male spermatophores with 14C radiolabel, we found that female squid, Sepiadarium austrinum, consumed the spermatophores of their partners and directed the nutrients received into both somatic maintenance and egg production.

From the Abstract of the Study.

Not that I exactly google this stuff in the wee hours, It finds me. My original ‘source’ was Discovery News which has an interesting quote from the main author of the paper a Mr. Benjamin Wegener.

“If males have their sperm consumed, rather than used for egg fertilization, they will lose that reproductive opportunity. Therefore, it is in the male’s best interests to try to ensure at least some of his sperm reaches the female’s eggs,”


I find this something to ponder… a mental exercise of sorts related to the quote provided. At Humanity’s current state or direction of technological advancement in biological fields; Is ensuring fertilization really in the male’s best interest? Just a kind of Philosoraptor thought….

From what my adventures in internet land have taught me in the 15minutes I took to google for extra sources was that the possible health benefits of Vitamin S are supposedly well documented but not well distributed as I can only assume what kind of strange issues integrating daily doses would cause different kinds of people…. And what kinds of protests you would deal with on the streets involving people who were selectively denied access to Vitamin S. If the awkward hasn’t sunk in yet I’ll name some places like you would see out of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’…. In a nursing home, on a playground, in a cafeteria or in your hand, but as much as that weirds me out. The prospect of ‘decent people’ being slightly less uncomfortable around one more aspect of basic human biology in daily conversation makes these kinds of studies valuable to society.

Here’s some more links (incase you like going down the rabbit hole),


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