Filler Episode #2

I really can’t explain this but little kids from propaganda art are almost as amusing to me as くま/pedobear. Having them show up makes just about everything better (well at least when you discuss photographs that is….), I may make this a ‘thing’. For reference this is actually a photo from a public park near the Tokyo Daibutsu (which will probably get a N.Korean Kid head when I post it later. Warn dem chilluns1

Filler Episode #1

Just like everything popular! I’m making a filler post. Why, because I need to keep myself in a habit of visiting this ‘space’ and ‘doing something’ with it. So for your trouble you get a mildly fun picture of a Goth Lolita Store Sign! This is in Ikebukuro not far from the LARGEST ANIMATE STORE IN JAPAN.

Bears Party on Stairs!

Sorry if you thought this was going to be deep or something but the story is simple. Wizard takes picture, Wizard believes PedoGent makes all things better, like frosting, lasers, cowboys, or dinosaurs. So, instead of looking for jobs like a good little Wizard there was much photo editing with not the most suitable app. The Wizard chose to use Sketchbook Pro when the laptop being used has the whole Adobe Professional Suite from 3 years ago installed, but whatever, the point was to get PedoGent into another picture and release said picture onto the internets. Done. Mission Accomplished.


Don’t Party on the Stairs in Ikebukuro Animate… Or you’ll get scolded.

Just a party of Bears.

Aaaaand This is how I procrastinate.

PedoBear, facilitates cross culture dialogue!

PedoBear to US internet users. ‘It’ is クマ(Kuma) to the 2chan kids.

Seriously just the other day I was in Akihabara with my Otaku friend and I took a picture of a shirt with the following graphic.

This alludes to a very active interpretation of watching.

This alludes to a very active interpretation of watching.

My friend assumed I knew more about Japanese Internet Culture than I really do by noting asking if I knew クマ which I replied to him that he was looking at a clearly labeled Pedobear, from which we started to have a brief discussion about what PedoBear meant and how his name offended him since the クマ of the Japanese internet is like a bad decision bear….
== AAによる表現 ==

   | ノ  ヽ
  /  ●  ● | クマ──!!
  |  ( _●_)  ミ
 彡、   |∪| 、`\
/ __ ヽノ /´>  )
(___)  / (_/
 |     /
 |  /\ \
 | /   )  )
 ∪    (  \

∩___∩   |
| ノ\ ,_ ヽ   .|
/  ●゛  ● |   .J
| ∪  ( _●_) ミ
彡、   |∪|  |
/     ∩ノ ⊃  ヽ
(  \ / _ノ |  |
\  “  /  | |
\ / ̄ ̄ ̄ /
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

∩___∩             |
| ノ _, ,_ ヽ        ((  | プラプラ
/  ●   ● |         (=)
|   ( _●_)  ミ _ (⌒)   J  ))
彡、   |∪|  ノ
⊂⌒ヽ /    ヽノ ヽ /⌒つ
\ ヽ       ヽ  /
\_,,ノ    |、_ノ

And the rest of this little example story about a bear and a fishing line can be had at the Wiki. You may also see it’s first iterations as merely a bear face, which I’ve seen for sometime but had assumed it was a weird cat-person-thing, but anyhow. The discussion entered into a territory about how I believe Pedobear’s mass usage in US Internet, by mass I mean Pedobear is now being used in places that aren’t 4chan and sometimes even getting into the IRL, has changed the symbolisms/associations made when seen I believe this comes in part because US users have started to learn how to troll Pixiv for Kuma because he’s essentially the same image just a different symbol which ends up being mostly assimilated into Pedobear’s symbolism/context, So his name and origins were in a dirty place but he has developed a depth of personality that makes his appearance not always about his original sexual deviancy, Like Politicians and Priests people have learned he’s not always a sexual predator.
And So we’ve gotten our way back to the whole, OMG I found a Pedobear T-Shirt in Akihabara. This means little in my opinion since all the instances I’ve seen Pedobear in on t-shirts and such place enough ambiguity onto what Pedobear means that the Japanese net icon クマ is auto-imposed upon the merchandise so none are the wiser. I guess it would be something a hipster 2ch person would but with a knowing smile to themselves thinking they can secretly gloat to themselves while talking to a fellow 2ch user if they ever met in public, though this is a scenario I build using USA thought patterns about what one would do with such a ‘deep’ sub-culture reference.
Is is to be noted that my interest in this whole matter was far stronger than my companions so I may have been talking to myself for part of that ‘cross-culture exchange’, but whatever I got to revel in seeing somebody realize that not everything is as it seems and some symbols of ‘purity’ (albeit pure stupidity, bad decision bear) are not far from being a distorted in unexpected ways.

How Pedobear looks at international exchanges

How Pedobear looks at international exchanges

Oh and lastly if you really want to know the graphical origin and some of the foundation to the Japanese association with stupid decisions. Here’s the “Original” iteration, which is a public safety mascot asking people to be safe while driving or some such vehicular safety message…… Wait, it says: ‘クマいら、安全運転でおねがいします’… I think there’s a pun in that message but the basic meaning is “there are bears, drive cautiously, please.” which from the image and message does indeed paint a very poor PR image for bears as a whole, good thing they don’t have any voting rights in Japan otherwise the agency responsible for this gross generalization of bears would be in for a political nightmare like that one time they did something mean to some Zainichi or that other time they asked US troops to use more prostitutes….
Origins of Pedobear and Kuma

I may edit this article later to make it more “fun”… you have been warned.

For instance I have just found:

Click, It will take you to a Blog about animal topics posted to 2chan

Click, It will take you to a Blog about animal topics posted to 2chan

Vitamin S, The Unsung Health Supplement.

Thanks to Squid we have evidence of Vitamin S being more than just ‘clever’ euphemism used to give better PR to swallowing. In a study published in the journal Biology Letters, a team of researchers observed that female squid would consume Vitamin S to acquire essential nutrients needed for specific biological processes.

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