Membership Rules and Regulations

United States federal government, State of Hawaii, and University of Hawaii at Manoa campus rules and regulations apply as a representative of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

  1. Be Respectful towards your fellow club members. Any unwanted action or type of harassment you send towards your fellow members will be dealt with swiftly, and harshly.
  2. Membership dues must be paid within 30 days after submitting your membership application for joining the Anime Manga Society. If payment is not made your application will be revoked and you must submit a new one.

Membership Termination
Any current member of the Anime Manga Society at UH Manoa can have their membership terminated as punishment for blatant disregard of UH Manoa rules and guidelines, Club rules and guidelines, or continued harassment to other club members personal rights. Expelled Members will forfeit their club paid dues; privileges associated to the club membership, and are banned from re- entering the club for no less than one (1) school semester from date of termination. A Termination can only be over turned by a majority vote of all club officers.

  1. If a member of the Anime Manga Society breaks any of the rules set forth by the above listed establishments, the punishment that they will receive will be compared and equaled to the offense they have committed.
  2. If a club member continues to disregard the rules and continues to receive punishment; that member will have his membership terminated for a duration that would be equal to the amount and type of offenses committed, but no less than one (1) school semester.

For inquiries on when our meetings are held you can email us at:, visit our website:, or search for us on facebook: Anime UH Manoa.

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