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Because we like our memes slutty

I haven’t had the time to keep my Korean up for the last way-too-long, but since Kangaji is soon to be within daily nagging distance, I will try to post something racy on a weekly basis.

As usual, the sports daily fills up space with a survey of Youtube comments about women.

Original from Sports Seoul.

18+ version "Kwiyo Misong" video release, attracting interest. / Youtube video capture
18+ version “Kwiyo Misong” video release, attracting interest. / Youtube video capture

18+ “Kuiyo Misong” release controversy . . . Netizens reproach “national shame”

Criticism is arising for the release of a 19+ version of “Kuiyo Misong” [“Cute smile”].

Recently the online video site Youtube carried a video of three women following along with “Kuiyo Misong” and sexily dancing in place, drawing a lot of interest. In the video, the women sit side by side on a bed and make sexy gestures. They give a dizzying performance, pulling down their sleeves and wiggling their butts.

But some netizens are raising their voices in reproach for the women in the video and commenters. It is not only that the behavior in the video is vulgar, but ecause they worry that since they put the word “Korean” [in English] in the title they will spread a negative impression of Korea and Korean women.

Netizens who saw the video responded, “While Kuiyo Misong parodies are trendy this isn’t like that.” “It brings shame to the whole country.” “In the second part they took off all of their clothes so it is good that they were stopped.” “I don’t understand why they would make something like this.”

Some netizens drew attention with the claim that the women featured in the video were transsexuals from another country.

The video in question.

And I just lost my weekend clicking through “Kwiyo Misong” videos.

This be Kangnam style, yo.

I should mention that Kangaji called me up in the morning last week and berated me (in a silly voice) for not posting lately.

What was apparently Korea’s most popular brothel has been busted (and only 20 people, aside from the owner, were arrested).

Is it just me or are the police unusually well-informed on the day-to-day operations of this place?
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The underside of plastic surgery in K pop

Found this story in a gossip column.

Original on In’gan Sports.

A pitiful event occurred when Miss B of girl group A cried at a broadcasting station and had to leave because the swelling hadn’t gone down from her “Pinnochio nose”. Group A just published a new album is in the middle of[promotional] activities. That day, the same as other days, they were waiting to perform on a broadcast television music program. But a supervising PD came and blocked Team A’s performance. The reason really took my breath away. The swelling in the nose of Miss B, who had cosmetic surgery, hadn’t diminished and had swollen larger. Her face had “transformed” to the extent that she couldn’t go out on the broadcast. In the end the PD stood and cancelled the performance and A group cried as they left the station. Miss B, take care. How much has her nose changed . . .

Korean media on Russian women

The Korean male perspective upon Russian women has, well, certain subtexts. Slavic women are exoticized and viewed as sexually available. So, this article caught my attention.

From Sports Seoul.

‘From face to figure, perfect!’ Russia’s beautiful women, ‘Jackpot!’

Miss Soviet 1988

[Caption: 1988 ‘Miss Soviet’ pageant photo / Russian site]

A socialist country has a feeling of dreary standardization. But even inside there people’s every actions accomplish something. [?] The praise of women’s beauty is the same.

Recently photos of beautiful women released from Russia are drawing attention among netizens. These are the photos of the first Miss Soviet pageant held in the Soviet Union in 1988.

In this pageant held by the Soviet generation, that erected the world’s first socialist nation in 1922 and dissolved/collapsed in 1991, the photos are not very different from today, if you overlook that they are only in black and white. Of course there are dresses with plunging necklines and they held a swimsuit judging that seems appropriate.

Miss Soviet pageant

[Caption: Photos of the process Russia’s first beauty pageant, the ‘Miss Soviet’ pageant.]

In particular world netizens said in awe, “Whether Soviet or Russian this countries womens are beautiful.” As they said, these women’s appearances are too incredible. Even more, this being a time when cosmetic surgery was not widespread, they are even more astonishing.

The various responses of every country’s netizens are, “The times have changed but there are certainly beautiful women in Russia.” “In any generation, the beauty of Russian women is guaranteed.” “They are more beautiful than the artificial people of silicone and plastic nowadays, it is so cool.”

Kang Ye-bin pinup

Girly pics. Gotta mobilize the base in an election year.

Original from Ingan Sports.

Kang Ye-bin, dressed in a clingy dress self-photo, “Smile!”

Broadcaster Kang Ye-bin BJ (Broadcasting Jackie) released her debut wardrobe.

Kang Ye-bin uploaded the photo to her Me-Today on the 30th with the message, “It is 40 minutes until the Africa broadcast. I’ll do it in this room. I’ll offer advice. Come in~.”

In the photo Kang Ye-bin is wearing a sheer mini-dress with a deep-cut neckline and is taking a pose on a bed. Her appropriately tanned skin and voluminous figure is dazzling.

Netizen responded, “I want to go to that room, too.” “Just seeing that photo . . . I can’t wait.”

Kang Ye-bin debuted as BJ on the internet broadcast “Africa TV” on the 30th at 8 PM.

Internet people dissatisfied with beauty pageant judging

The criticism seems pretty harsh. Beauty pageants have their own culture and deviate pretty significantly from generally held standards of beauty. And I wouldn’t call the women pictures ugly, by any means.

I think the article does reflect the internet’s hyper-magnification of unrealistic standards of beauty.

Original from the Herald Kyongjae.

‘Global Miss Bikini’ pageant, selected ‘the worst, ugly women’

[Herald Kyongjae | Reporter Chong Taeran] Amid criticism concerning the transparency of selection criteria for Chinese beauty pageants, criticism is growing over the seleciton of “ugly women” at another beauty pageant.

On the 15th, local media including the Chinese daily ‘Guangzhou Ribao’ and ‘Zhongbei Fangwang’ reported that the “ugly girl generation” appeared at the Global Miss Bikini Regional Preliminaries held in Shandong Province. Similarly, the “Ugly Trio” selected at the Miss International held in Chongqing City on July 6th are results in opposition to the local popular opinion that they are the ugliest “beautiful women” in history. As ugly women are continuously selected at beauty pageants, the possibility of intervening in the selection process, which can’t be seen, has been raised.

“Trendiness, health, friendship, and love” is the philosophy at the heart of the Global Miss Bikini Pageant, which is known as one of the most fashionable beauty pageants in the world. But it is fairly difficult for the local press to find suitable criteria when they try to compare the three women selected by this pageant’s Chinese regional preliminaries with past pageants. Even worse, some members of the press reported, “We’ve received a KO loss from the Chongqing Ugly Trio and the Shandong Bikini girls.”

Chinese netizens could not conceal their disappointment over with Miss Bikini girls. Some netizens express dissatisfaction with the selection criteria, “(Looking at the photos) apparently there is something wrong with my vision.” “Appearance is appearance, but I’m suspicious of their gender.” One cable broadcast pointed out that there was a problem with the clothing, saying that the bikinis worn by participants made the participants “look as if they are transgender.”


China’s hottest lesbian

I first heard about Lan Yen when she was in the news for disappearing suddenly, shortly before the release of the 3D porn movie. At the time she was known to have had a long struggle with depression and many people were afraid she was suicidal. I translated the article on my other, defunct blog.

I hope she finds things easier coming out of the closet.

As a note, “Okpodan 3D” is a romanization of the Korean pronunciation of the original Chinese title. It is marketed in the West as “Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy” and is loosely based on the 90’s “Sex and Zen” franchise, starring the legendary Amy Yip.

Original from Sports Seoul.

‘Okpodan 3D’ Chinese actress Lan Yen, Coming Out “Gay Leslie Cheung is my idol”

[Seoul Sports dot com | Reporter Pak So-yong] Chinese actress Lan Yen, who was the female lead in “Okpodan 3D”, has come out.

Lan Yen’s homosexual confession was reported simultaneously on the 12th by media in Greater China, including the Chinese News Network. According to the media, at a press conference for her recent movie “Spring Hormone” Lan Yen received questions related to actors, and answered, “The truth I have no need to choose a man.”

At that time, Lan Yen referenced homosexual stars and expressed her respect for them. She recalled the late Leslie Cheung in particular, and drew attention saying, “Leslie Cheung is my eternal idol.” She also surprised the crowd of reporters, saying, “I support the public coming out of Hwang Yao-ming.”

In addition, she said that her family knew the news of her homosexuality and requested the understanding of her fans. Warm responses are pouring out from domestic and foreign netizens who have heard the news, saying, “There’s nothing to say,” “Unlucky life,” “Be strong no matter what!” “She’s still cool.”

Lan Yen stepped into celebrity after being awarded in the 2003 Miss China Pageant. [I was unable to verify this]. She became a famous person in her country as the female lead of the world’s first 3D erotic movie, “Okpodan 3D”, that opened last year.

Sports Seoul Dot Com Celebrity Team

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A tragic story if it is true.

But you need to take everything you hear from the refugee news grapevine with a considerable grain of salt. News tends to come third- and fourth-hand, and it all gets filtered through a handful of activists who are more eager to publicize atrocities than recording facts.

It isn’t out of line with what is known of the character of the regime, though.

The DPRK cheerleading squad has always been bait ripe for the popular media. Their virginal yet alluring disposition was at odds with the image of the regime they were ambassadors for. The idea of them as victims of the regime transforms them into part of an appealing, fairy-tale like narrative. So while we know that there are capital offenses prosecuted in the DPRK, this story has legs to carry it into the news cycle.

Original from the Herald Kyongje.

‘North Korean foxy cheerleaders secretly executed’ . . . . ‘shocking’

Pledged not to divulge what they had seen and heard in South Korea but

Caught by the loaded questions of skillful security bureau seeking an object of punishment

Reports have trickled out that among the North Korean cheerleaders who gave rise to so much attention during the 2002 Asian Games in Pusan, some have been put to death in secret, refugee internet newspaper New Focus (www.newfocus.co.kr) reported on the 4th.

According to reports, for quite a while word had cautiously trickled out that some of the members who had broken their vows among the cheering squad that was composed of beatiful women were confined in prison camps, but this is the first time that there are claims that they were put to death, so it is expected to be a social shock.

Refugee Mr. A reported that among the refugee women at Hanawon [Settlement Support Center for North Korean Refugees] one was the wife of the person who carried out the execution a member of the cheerleaders, and the women said that her husband was burdened with a lot of guilt from the deed, was extremely distressed. The woman’s husband said with a sigh, “Since they were directions from the Party, it couldn’t be helped, but I honestly think it was too much.”

According to Mr. A, when the beautiful cheerleading squad returned to North Korea, they implemented Lifestyle Consensus (activity of seeking morals through appraisal and reflection on one’s lifestyle). After they did this Consensus, some were sent to prison camps, and among them several were sentenced to secret execution under the direction of the North Korean regime.

Because it was under the directions of superior offices, they used the plot and pretext of the security bureau that needed to erase the results, and sent some of them to the prison camp and on the pretext of alerting them, sentenced the children of powerless households to death.

Mr. A told the shocking story, “In order to became one of North Korea’s beautiful cheerleaders they check their ancestry, but because first their appearance must be exceptional, there are bound to be several children from powerless families among them.” “These people were purged first.”

According to North Korean sources, after the North Korean beautiful cheerleaders returned to their hometowns, they spoke carefully in accordance with the oaths they took not to divulge what they saw and heard in South Korea, but they were caught up by the loaded questions of the skillful security bureau. There was nothing that could be done against the superior position of the security bureau who constantly and unconditionally pursue and punish, and the socially weak children of their households were made scapegoats.

North Korea has dispatched the beautiful cheerleading squad to the 2002 Pusan Asia Games, the 2003 Taegu Universiade, and the 2005 Inchon International Track and Field Meet. Every time that they visit they are showered with attention in South Korea and draw great popularity.

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Beautiful woman murdered in Taiwan

Tragic story.

Original from Sports Seoul.

Female announcer, murdered after rejecting male admirer

An intern woman announcer who had just graduated from a Taiwan university was murdered by a male student from the same university a day before her first broadcast.

Eastern Television News reported on the 1st that Ms. Lin, a graduate of the National United University in Miaoli County in northwestern Taiwan, was discovered murdered in her off-campus apartment on the 29th. Police mobilized a force of over 200 police and police dogs and after a day had arrested suspect Lin Kun-han.

According to reports, intern announcer Ms. Lin, who while distinguishing herself by entering a broadcast bureau after graduation and was just about to have her first broadcast on the 30th, began as a campus queen who assumed a role of PR model at her university, and it became clear that suspect Lin Kun-han had unrequited love for her.

The issue was that Ms. Lin refused Lin Kun-han’s, who adored her, demands for her phone number. Lin Kun-han, who helped Ms. Lin pack boxes to move, used this as a pretext to demand her phone number but Ms. Lin refused him. The two began to argue and the angry Lin Kun-han pulled out a fruit knife and stabbed Ms. Lin more than ten times, killing her.

Lin Kun-han, who was caught by police the following day of the 30th while hiding on the tenth floor of a building at his school, even wrote down a scenario in his notebook and intended to escape the police dragnet. Lin Kun-han acknowledged the entire truth of the crime.

Sex demographics in indy music

“Women are a majority of the audience in the Korean indy rock scene, by a very large margin, but are a scarce handful of the musicians . . .”

After I made that statement on Facebook, a friend asked to see the data. Well, shit, that was just an observation based on what I recalled hanging out in rock clubs in Korea. I didn’t have DATA. But . . .

Being that magic combination of analytical, obsessive, and easily distracted, I pulled up the Bugs music indy sales charts for the past week, made a list of all of the artists represented on the list, and figured out the sex breakdown of the members.

Of the 52 groups in the Top 100, there were 130 men and 31 women. 22 of the groups had any women, 8 being female-only (5 solo acts, two duets). Four mixed duets, six trio+ with only one woman member, and only one mixed group (5Who) was women-majority.

So, yeah, the indy scene is definitely dominated by male performers.

I’ll see if I can attach the data in a spreadsheet.bugs.list.5.24.12