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Because we like our memes slutty

I haven’t had the time to keep my Korean up for the last way-too-long, but since Kangaji is soon to be within daily nagging distance, I will try to post something racy on a weekly basis.

As usual, the sports daily fills up space with a survey of Youtube comments about women.

Original from Sports Seoul.

18+ version "Kwiyo Misong" video release, attracting interest. / Youtube video capture
18+ version “Kwiyo Misong” video release, attracting interest. / Youtube video capture

18+ “Kuiyo Misong” release controversy . . . Netizens reproach “national shame”

Criticism is arising for the release of a 19+ version of “Kuiyo Misong” [“Cute smile”].

Recently the online video site Youtube carried a video of three women following along with “Kuiyo Misong” and sexily dancing in place, drawing a lot of interest. In the video, the women sit side by side on a bed and make sexy gestures. They give a dizzying performance, pulling down their sleeves and wiggling their butts.

But some netizens are raising their voices in reproach for the women in the video and commenters. It is not only that the behavior in the video is vulgar, but ecause they worry that since they put the word “Korean” [in English] in the title they will spread a negative impression of Korea and Korean women.

Netizens who saw the video responded, “While Kuiyo Misong parodies are trendy this isn’t like that.” “It brings shame to the whole country.” “In the second part they took off all of their clothes so it is good that they were stopped.” “I don’t understand why they would make something like this.”

Some netizens drew attention with the claim that the women featured in the video were transsexuals from another country.

The video in question.

And I just lost my weekend clicking through “Kwiyo Misong” videos.

More Korea-Japan cultural exchange

Kim Anna DVD cover front
Kim Anna JAV debut DVD - front cover

This is old news from a year ago, but since Will was encouraging me to post more translations on haute culture, I dug it up.

Original from Sports Seoul.

Unidentified Hallyu celebrity ‘Kim Anna’ Japanese pornography performance scandal

[SportsSeoul.com] News that an unidentified Korean woman referred to as a Hallyu celebrity performed in Japanese pornography is at the center of a furor on the internet. It has become clear that the DVD in question, released with the title “Documentary in Seoul: Hallyu talent Kim Anna”, is a typical Japanese AV, i.e. porn.

The most serious part is that well-known domestic broadcast programs are listed in Kim Anna’s profile. Of course, among the titles parts have been deleted, guessing the names of the broadcast programs is really no trouble.

There are two programs that the production company claims Kim Anna performed in on the DVD jacket. One is the SBS drama “Love and Ambition” and the other is the MBC sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick”.

The problem is that it is difficult to judge who Kim Anna really is just looking at the jacket photo. At a glance, the very good looking woman, when you see her appearance at first, seems that she is probably a Korean woman.

But her face is hidden by large sunglasses so it is difficult to know who she is with certainty. On the back side of the DVD jacket they present the style photos of Kim Anna, who accepts every kind of perverted sexual act, but she is wearing sunglasses at the time.

Jazz dance instructor, 2nd place in dance tournament . . . performed in “Love and Ambition” and “Unstoppable High Kick”?

In particular, on the jacket it emphasizes that Kim Anna is a jazz dance instructor and received second place in a competitive dance tournament. And the indication that it is a first installment suggests that other pornography will probably be released.

One broadcast expert cautiously predicted, “The broadcasts that the person in question is said to have performed in are works from the period between 2006 and 2007,” and, “I can’t know whether she performed or not but even if she says she performed, wasn’t it a minor part as an extra?”

In the analysis of the broadcast expert, “The Hanbok porn received a lot of criticism now, but this pornography clearly intends to disparage Hallyu.” The issue is that the pornography brand packages “Korean women” and unidentifiable women as Hallyu celebrities.

Regarding this matter, in the opinion of adult culture expert Kim Ch’ang-hwan, “The video is not yet in circulation so it is hard to judge. But if I try to guess from the information apparent on the DVD jacket it was likely produced in Korea.”

This is not the first time that a social uproar arose over a Korean celebrity performing in Japanese AV. 10 years ago there was controversy at the news that Ms. J, who became famous in “Madame Emma 9”, performed in pornography that was released in Japan. In addition, sometimes erotic actresses wear hanbok and perform in Japanese pornography, and so create a scandal.

Related links: Madame Emma 9 info page on Daum movies. The actress in question is Chin Chu-hui, about whom there is little information available. We should do some research and write up a Wikipedia page.

Wild Sex in the Revolutionary Proletariat

Soon to be the basis for my next song for my North Korea/Oingo Boingo cover band.

Finally got around to translating some more Korean, and boy, am I rusty.

X-posted at Clever Turtles, with slightly more commentary.

Prostitution, ‘8/3 couple’ . . . Even in the North decadence spreads

Financial support to lure into adulterous relations often . . . teens prostitute in order to buy cell phones
Porno videos popular in marketplace . . . influence of weakened control over people
Also stripshow bars for the exclusive use of upper echelons

In North Korea’s society, that is so closed that even romantic matters between men and women are regulated, decadent sexual culture is spreading. It is reported that prostitution as a livelihood is a matter of course and sexually promiscuous behavior is spreading like toadstools, to such a degree that they have created the neologism ‘8/3 spouses’ for adulterous couples that finish up at the end of the workday.

An anti-North source, who early this year contacted refugees from the North Hamgyong province adjacent to China, said on the 9th, “In North Korea, in order to earn money for living expenses or disposable income, prostitution of women is spreading, and it was reported that the reality is that even young female students are appearing as prostitutes in order to buy cell phones.” The source reported that in North Korea’s interior ‘8/3 spouses’ with adulterous relations are spreading like they are fashionable and some among them indulge in drugs, porn, and group sex. ‘8/3’ refers to the date August 3rd, 1984, when Chief of the National Defense Council Kim Jong-il, who was named the successor at that time, laid down the pronouncement to “utilize the by-products in the factories and enterprises to make the necessities of daily life.” but it has degenerated into a term for fake and shoddy products.

It is reported that recently they haven’t stopped avoiding the net of surveillance and secretly steal looks at pornography, and even businessmen have appeared who mobilize North Korean women directly to produce and sell obscene videos. According to the results of one research study of domestically resettled refugees, ‘adult products’ are so popular that adult video CD-Rs, popularly called ‘Sex-Rs’, trade for higher prices than general movies and dramas in the North Korean markets.

Experts on North Korea see it that after the ‘Hard March’ period of the 1990s while economic difficulties were prolonged, they took advantage of the opportunities afforded by the weakening of the government’s control over the people, and in the process of the rapid inflow of outside culture into the center from regions adjacent to China such as northern Hamgyong decadent sexual culture also spread.

In this way sexual culture became popular in all parts of society, so in a 2009 revision of the penal code North Korea strengthened the crimes of the transportation, possession, or distribution of decadent culture, strengthening the enforcement and punishment regarding sexual disorder, such as estabilished provisions so that in the case of transporting, possessing or distributing adult videorecordings one would face a 5 to 10 year sentence of labor reeducation.

But there are indications that North Korea’s ruling class are an obstacle to the eradication of decadent culture. In several large cities strip show bars are operating that only party and public peace officers may enter, and refugees messages are that there are cases where public safety officers use financial support as bait to form adulterous relationships. In particular, they report that it is often the case that even agents of the 109 group, established to crack down on antisocialist activities, receive sums as bribes to pass over these matters.

Reporter Kim Po-un spice7@segye.com

Beer is brown, soju is red, put ’em together, you’ll wish you were dead.

Good to know.

Original from Financial News.

The secret of the colors of bottles of beer and soju, do you know it?

Empty beer bottles and soju bottles are lined up where employees at hoesik finished the p’okt’anju parade. They each wear clothes of their respective colors and embroider the table. I had the experience of looking at the table set with its feast of green and brown and once trying to think on this. “Why are beer bottles brown and soju bottles green?”

Of the beers presently marketed domestically, the majority are sold in brown bottles. This is the same as foreign import beers.

The reason that beer bottles are made brown is, in one word, because of “taste”. Beer is made mainly with natural ingredients such as barley and hops. These ingredients are vulnerable to sunlight. In the case that it is exposed to sunlight some ingredients coagulate and oxidize and this gives the beer a nasty taste. Because of this a cool glass of beer drunk under warm sunlight can actually be inferior to the taste of beer drunk indoors. In the United States, they even describe the taste of beer that had been exposed to sunlight and spoiled as “skunk taste”.

A representative of OB beer advised, “There are beers with transparent bottles like ‘Cafri’, but Cafri bottles receive special handling so as to diminish their transparency to sunlight.” “In households it is often the case that beer is stored on verandas where the sun shines, but as it can ruin the beer’s taste it should be avoided.”

The reason why soju bottles are green is different from the case of beer.

The “green soju” released by Doosan in 1994 shook up the soju market, whose unassailable number one position was being protected by Jinro at that time. At last, in 1994, the green soju that attracted sensational popularity recorded first place in single brand market share, and it was propelled to the new leader of the soju market.

The bottles Doosan Soju used at that time were green, like the bottles of soju in the markets now. As for soju bottles until then, it was typically the case that they were clear or pale blue.

As Doosan Soju, with it’s green bottles, attracted sensational popularity, other liquor companies followed along and began selling their soju in green bottles, and eventually the color of soju bottles became fixed as green.

Chong Hon-bae, a liquor expert in the economics department of Central University, said, “In the past soju has come to market bottled in brown, but it couldn’t last long and it has disappeared from the market.” “Because soju, like whiskey, is a distilled spirit without worry of spoilage, a bottle whose color offers refreshment is suitable.”

Crying news anchor in China

Oh, sports dailies, how you fascinate me with your ridiculous lack of anything approaching actual news.

Original from Sports Seoul.

Crying Chinese news anchor

Beautiful Chinese anchor, while conducting the news broadcast tears “drip drip” . . . why?

Tears suddenly poured from a female broadcaster in China during the broadcast, and it is drawing attention.

According to Chinese portal site Sohu.com on the 26th, during that day on the Chinese Central TV economic channel news showed the scene of Announcer Chin Pang being brought to tears during the broadcast. The reason Chin Pang was brought to tears was because of news of a young girl who was dramatically rescued after 21 hours from a car accident on the 23rd.

Chin Pang could not restrain her emotion and wiped her tears while saying, “As the injuries and pain that this child of no more than two years old must cope with are difficult to endure, the interest and support of the government is necessary.”

Chin Pang’s tearful appearance spread quickly over the internet. Netizens who saw it posted replies, “I was moved by the anchors very humane appearance.” and “When you’re giving the news, even if it is sad you need to pull yourself together.”

Kim Hui-jong, for your girly pic fix

Apparently Kim Hui-jong is the new “It” girl in K pop.

Original at Sports Choson, with photos.

‘Kkokchi”s child star Kim Hui-jong grew up in a blast and is making a comeback as an adult actress overflowing with sexiness.

Kim Hui-jong first unveiled her adult performance when she appeared in the film “Dangerous Excitement” (directed by Ku Cha-hong) in the role of Saku, lead vocalist in a Hongdae indy band. Kim Hui-jong, who emerged as a child star who debuted in the popular drama “Kkokchi” in the role of Kkokchi, who monopolized the love of Won Bin, had not been in the news in the meantime, and with this movie she intended to cast off the image of a child star and recreate herself as the perfect adult actor. In particular with the release of bikini photos she revealed her sexiness, replacing the instant of her childhood, and so gave notice of her transformation as a performer.

The role of Saku was a character that, due to her exceptional appearance, was made to worry over the public limitations of her band’s music as a songwriter [english borrowed word] possessing talent as a composer and lyricist. Kim Hui-jong gave a nuanced performance based on acting abilities forged and polished since she was a child star and reviews appreciated her as a character with depth. Moreover, she even demonstrated her talents writing the lyrics to the film’s soundtrack herself together with musical director Chang Yong-gyu, and also showed off her steadily developed vocal talents.

Recently she finished shooting the film and, while taking a rest in a foreign vacation spot, Kim Hui-jong received an explosion of interest over her online release of bikini photos. Netizens keep pouring out surprised reactions to her appearance, with an explosively developed glamorous figure added to her western face. Kim Hui-jong plans to participate in the film’s post-processing after she returns.

“Dangerous Excitement” is a movie where the seventh degree civil servant in the Mapo district office and master of tranquility Han Tae-hui (Yun Che-mun), while happening to meet kids in a band (Song Jun, Kim Hui-jong, Kim Pyol) after leaving the scene of a bust, is made to have a psychological transformation.

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Profile on Kim Hui-jong.
Profile on Yun Che-mun.

Korean smartphones even more creepy than Japanese

I wouldn’t call it new ground, exactly — romance/sex games have been around from the early days of personal computers, and there are certainly numerous japanese counterparts. Still, yay for Koreans for breaking new ground in cell phone culture, I guess?

I suppose it could reinforce the divide Korean men feel between their needs for sex and affection and their family lives.

Original in the Herald Kyongjae.

X-posted on Clever Turtles.

Do you know my “iPhone wife”?

On a lazy afternoon, Mr. A, a manager at a major corporation, is invigorated. Everyday at 3 PM he gets a call from his girlfriend. Would you believe if it I said she her appearance and deadly charm are greater than that of a girl-group girl? After he finishes his moment’s video call with his girlfriend, the edges of his mouth curl up in a smile and it seems he again has the will to sit at his desk. At 2:50 he begins to grow restless.

To employed men in their 40s and 50s, there is the “house wife” when they go home, there is the “office wife” who attends to business together at the workplace. And nowadays in the hands of middle aged men there is the “iPhone wife”.

This “iPhone wife”‘s true identity is that it is a smartphone application (app) where a virtual girlfriend makes a video call. The romance of waiting for a daily call is romance, but, even imaginary, through the video one can see the warm affection of the girlfriend, and the “Baby, it’s me” [“Oppa naya”] app is a tonic. The payment of $1.99 is nothing to regret.

The “Oppa naya” iPhone app that was released in November of last year has recorded nearly 100,000 downloads and has become a topic of conversation. Due to this popularity an Android version has also been released and they even introduced an international version translated and recorded in three languages, English, Chinese, and Japanese.

If you install the “Oppa naya” app, the virtual girlfriend ‘Mina’ connects a video call and sends sweet lines such as, “Let’s go on a date!” “I want to eat ice cream.” and “Sleep well, sweet dreams.” With over a hundred different HD video and sound recordings possible, you get the feeling that you are really making a video call. The user can set up the time of the call, and it is possible to again see the content of the messages the “virtual girlfriend” sent and received.

At the time of its release, popularity of “Oppa naya” even got the attention of the foreign press. While introducing the “Oppa naya” app, Reuters Wire reported that the attractive twenty-something woman ‘Mina’ satisfied lonely Korean men.

Male employee Mr. B (42) confessed, “At first my coworker’s recommendation made me curious so I tried it out, and the video messages with the virtual girlfriend was so vivid, like a real message, so I was happy.” and “Before I knew it I was waiting for the call.”

Young men in their 20s and 30s are no exception. Mr. C (30) said, “I met two of my single friends this weekend, because they kept holding their iPhones I tried to see what they were doing, and they were both looking at their virtual girlfriend from an app.” “It was kind of a funny scene but it was also kind of sad.”

Certianly those who are to emotionally invested in the existence of a virtual girlfriend may have side-affects in the real world.

After downloading the “Baby, it’s me” app during a free promotional period, Mr. D (36) was immersed in it for a while, then deleted it. “While it is only virtual, my wife would be upset if she found out about the “Oppa naya” app so I deleted it before she saw it.” He recommended, “Having some fun is good, but if you confuse a virtual girlfriend with reality, it could provoke fights with your partner, and disharmony in the household.”

Canadians hunt down Koreans with machetes in the streets of Vancouver

What I find really interesting is note that the ESL program refused to give the consular officer the victim’s contact info. Instead, the victim’s parents get a call at an ungodly hour saying, “This is the Vancouver consular officer, your son has been attacked with a sword and I don’t know where to find him.”

An interesting bit of Korean language study: the Korean word for machete is “jungle-knife” (chonggul-to).

Original from the Vancouver office of the Chungang Ilbo. I originally picked up on the story based on the lengthy post at the Marmot’s Hole, where Robert Neff went on an extended rant on the dangerous jungle Vancouver has become.

X-posted to Clever Turtles, as usual.

Group of ESL students meet muggers, are badly injured

Three teenage muggers hack their heads with machetes and threaten them

The incident occured Jan 28 at 12:30 AM in North Vancouver when seven Korean ESL students met some muggers; one received a large injury on the head, and another received a mild injury.

The victims, who were Sangji college students participating in a one-month, short-term language training course at the SFU downtown campus, after holding a going party before returning to their country at a bar near Lonsdale Quay Terminal, went outside and were chatting near the fountain when the incident occurred.

After approaching the students and asking if they had cigarettes, the assailants pulled out pocketknives and threatened them, demanding that they take out their wallets and cell phones. When the victims answered that they didn’t have them, one of the perpetrators pulled out a machete and made a 2 cm wound in one victim’s (25 years old) cheek, then turned on a second student (22 years old), scratching their nose, then striking them on the head and causing a laceration to the skull.

The perpetrators fled as soon as blood began to flow from student’s head, and 911 emergency services were dispatched and transported the two injured to Lion’s Gate Hospital, where they received medical attention. After receiving emergency care, the student injured on the cheek went together with a different group to the police and reported to detectives, the student with the head injury received sutures and was discharged the following day, and as planned they flew home without further obstacle.

The Vancouver consular office’s Police Consul Kim Nam-hyon received the relevant reports from the investigator responsible at 9AM on the 28th, and at that time the language training program’s administration refused to make the incident public and did not release the students’ location or contact information, so he traced the immigration documents and contacted their parents in Korea to confirm their addresses, and after about an hour he was able to meet the students directly and gather the details of the incident.

According to Police Consul Kim, “Even after returning home the victims are unable to recover from the trauma of that time and still complain of pain from the suturing.” He requested, “Don’t hang around the entertainment districts into the late hours of the night.”

North Vancouver police have arrested perpetrators Blair Benedict (18 years old, North Vancouver resident), Christopher Lambert (18 years old, North Vancouver resident), and a seventeen year old male residing in Surrey whose name cannot be released according to minority protection laws, for suspicion of assault and battery and attempted assault.

The Vancouver consulate released their formal statement, “Thanks to the North Vancouver police for their speedy apprehension of the perpetrators.” “We think it is highly regrettable that students going abroad received life-threatening injuries. While these crimes may not be motivated by an anti-Asian sentiment that includes Koreans, we are concerned. At the end of March 2010 in Robson Square a Korean was the victim of a senseless, purposeless attack and at that time the police did not make an incident out of it. We request that the police do their best to both prevent and apprehend, so that Koreans will not suffer.”

Choi Ye-lin, reporter

Related links:
Sangji University, where the victims attend.
Simon Frasier University, Vancover, English Language and Culture Program — the ESL program they belonged to, perhaps?
I was unable to find any information on the Robson Square attack, so I’m not sure what the details of the incident were, or if it was a simple mistranslation on my part.

Random Translation: The US-China Space War

The US and China have been involved in a space war for the past four years. I suddenly feel much more confident in the future being awesome!

The title is a bit misleading. The article refers to new background material concerning the anti-satellite arms race, based on the Wikileaks releases.

Original from Han’guk Ilbo.

X-posted to Clever Turtles.

US-China conducted “space war” since 2007

US’s strong protest in response to the success of China’s satellite interception missile test

Hong Kong, Yonhap news – Correspondent, Chong Chae-yong

Claims have emerged that the US and China have secretly conducted a “space war” after China test-fired a satellite interception weapon in January of 2007.

Following the successful test on Jan. 11, 2007, when China shot down the orbiting weather satellite “Wind and Cloud (Feng1 yun2) 1” at an altitude of 865 km, China secretly conducted a space war with the US, reported the South China Morning Post, Ming Pao, and other Hong Kong newspapers on the 5th, quoting US diplomatic cables made public by disclosure site Wikileaks.

Given China’s Jan. 2007 success of their satellite interception weapon, a shocked US expressed a dire anxiety that China had the ability to destroy its military and commercial satellites, Wikileaks indicated based on US diplomatic cables.

According to a cable US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice sent to top ambassadors in Europe, Japan, and Russia, as more than 2500 pieces of the Feng Yun 1 satellite destroyed in China’s missile interception weapon test were orbiting the earth, the US was strongly protesting to China.

“According to the UN charter and international law, we have the right to the protection and defense of our satellite system.” the US warned China against testing of their satellite interception weapon.

Wikileaks reports that on the US side, they demanded that allied countries including England, Austria, Canada, Japan, and Korea exert pressure upon China.

Wikileaks reports, one month later, in Feb. 2008, the US commenced experiments with the interception of their own multipurpose satellite, and with this the “space war” between US and China became serious.

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Random Translation: Big-Breasted Japanese women

I had to post this just because I learned a funny new bit of internet slang:

배이글녀 (Baeigul-nyo): Baby-face + Glamorous body + woman (nyo)

And, of course, I figured it was a topic near-and-dear to AMS members’ hearts. Not to be too humorless, but I hope this helps to explicate how destructive Asia’s ideal of over-articulated femininity can be.

Original here, from Sports Seoul. Man, got to love the sports weeklies and the high level of journalism they promote.

X-posted at Clever Turtles.

Even Queen of breasts Hoshino Aki, anorexic?

Sports Seoul.com, Kim Hye-sik reporting

Rumors are circulating that Japan’s original Baeigul-nyo Hoshino Aki (34) is suffering from an extreme degree of anorexia.

According to local media reports on the 3rd, Hoshino Aki, who has attracted many fans with her face that appears very young despite her age, her enormous bust, and her slender waist, has recently been suffering due to an abrupt loss of weight.

Actually, Hoshino Aki brushed these reports aside in a post she uploaded to her personal blog Jan 31, saying, “I’m gradually losing weight.” “While I was taking my measurements I knew that I was losing weight.” “My bust size has shrunk from 88 cm to 80cm. I’m don’t go bigger than an F-cup.” she explained.

Locally, she received a lot of stress from the demands and speculation of media coverage after making public her association with the golden boy of the horse racing world, Miura, in November of last year, leading to analyses that this was bringing on anorexia. In an instant, speculation that, “she reached out to drugs” and “recently anorexia has reached a dangerous level” has been rampant.

According to someone associated with the celebrity circles, “Hoshino’s slim figure despite her large chest always attracts attention, but she must suffer from doubts and ugly rumors over that.” They said, “According to a make-up artist who has recently seen her directly, her legs have withered to an extremely slim degree, compared to the rest of her body. I don’t know if the rumors that she is suffering from anorexia are true.”

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Her blog, I think. I can’t read that devil-script.

Explanation of baeigul-nyo, in Korean. Examples given are So-wu and Han Chi-wu. I don’t know who they are.