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Because we like our memes slutty

I haven’t had the time to keep my Korean up for the last way-too-long, but since Kangaji is soon to be within daily nagging distance, I will try to post something racy on a weekly basis.

As usual, the sports daily fills up space with a survey of Youtube comments about women.

Original from Sports Seoul.

18+ version "Kwiyo Misong" video release, attracting interest. / Youtube video capture
18+ version “Kwiyo Misong” video release, attracting interest. / Youtube video capture

18+ “Kuiyo Misong” release controversy . . . Netizens reproach “national shame”

Criticism is arising for the release of a 19+ version of “Kuiyo Misong” [“Cute smile”].

Recently the online video site Youtube carried a video of three women following along with “Kuiyo Misong” and sexily dancing in place, drawing a lot of interest. In the video, the women sit side by side on a bed and make sexy gestures. They give a dizzying performance, pulling down their sleeves and wiggling their butts.

But some netizens are raising their voices in reproach for the women in the video and commenters. It is not only that the behavior in the video is vulgar, but ecause they worry that since they put the word “Korean” [in English] in the title they will spread a negative impression of Korea and Korean women.

Netizens who saw the video responded, “While Kuiyo Misong parodies are trendy this isn’t like that.” “It brings shame to the whole country.” “In the second part they took off all of their clothes so it is good that they were stopped.” “I don’t understand why they would make something like this.”

Some netizens drew attention with the claim that the women featured in the video were transsexuals from another country.

The video in question.

And I just lost my weekend clicking through “Kwiyo Misong” videos.

Hyona — Will she go too far?

Wow, am out of practice. Quick and dirty and barely legible translation.

Original from OSEN.

Hyona "Ice Cream"

Hyona, stronger than the bubble bath? Rated 19 video notice.

The judgment for what audience age rating the music video for Hyona’s new song “Ice Cream” will receive, giving notice to the appropriate level, is drawing attention.

Hyona is scheduled to release the feature music video for “Ice Cream” on the 22nd. Even though the “Ice Cream” teaser released on the 19th was rated for audiences age 15 and up, it is drawing attention for its unprecedented bubble bath scene, and level of the music video is expected to be much higher. A representative of the agency Cube Entertainment hinted, “It will feel a little stronger overall.”

In the past they [music producers] have intended to avoid the “age 19” rating, but recently, while there is a policy that teens can’t view, a higher level of expression has been allowed. Accordingly, it is likely that Hyona, who has preferred unconventional performances near the limits, will choose to take an “age 19” rating this time.

Recently there is the example where Ka-in put the music video for “P’iona [Bloom]”, which receive an age 19 rating, online, where it received a warm response.

Hyona’s EP Melting has been leaked out overseas and was urgently released at 2 PM on the 22nd. Notwithstanding the album’s unexpected release, as of this afternoon the album has leapt to number five on the charts of music sites such as Melon and has received a warm response.

Since the “Ice Cream” teaser video was released two days ago it has been ranked the most searched for video this week with more than 2.4 million hits.

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Ka-in’s “P’iona”. Halfway into the video, my brother came into the room and looked over my shoulder. After five seconds, he asked, “So, she’s just ripping off Madonna?”

Teaser video.

“Bubble Pop”, a previous Hyona solo release.

Korean media on Russian women

The Korean male perspective upon Russian women has, well, certain subtexts. Slavic women are exoticized and viewed as sexually available. So, this article caught my attention.

From Sports Seoul.

‘From face to figure, perfect!’ Russia’s beautiful women, ‘Jackpot!’

Miss Soviet 1988

[Caption: 1988 ‘Miss Soviet’ pageant photo / Russian site]

A socialist country has a feeling of dreary standardization. But even inside there people’s every actions accomplish something. [?] The praise of women’s beauty is the same.

Recently photos of beautiful women released from Russia are drawing attention among netizens. These are the photos of the first Miss Soviet pageant held in the Soviet Union in 1988.

In this pageant held by the Soviet generation, that erected the world’s first socialist nation in 1922 and dissolved/collapsed in 1991, the photos are not very different from today, if you overlook that they are only in black and white. Of course there are dresses with plunging necklines and they held a swimsuit judging that seems appropriate.

Miss Soviet pageant

[Caption: Photos of the process Russia’s first beauty pageant, the ‘Miss Soviet’ pageant.]

In particular world netizens said in awe, “Whether Soviet or Russian this countries womens are beautiful.” As they said, these women’s appearances are too incredible. Even more, this being a time when cosmetic surgery was not widespread, they are even more astonishing.

The various responses of every country’s netizens are, “The times have changed but there are certainly beautiful women in Russia.” “In any generation, the beauty of Russian women is guaranteed.” “They are more beautiful than the artificial people of silicone and plastic nowadays, it is so cool.”

Kang Ye-bin pinup

Girly pics. Gotta mobilize the base in an election year.

Original from Ingan Sports.

Kang Ye-bin, dressed in a clingy dress self-photo, “Smile!”

Broadcaster Kang Ye-bin BJ (Broadcasting Jackie) released her debut wardrobe.

Kang Ye-bin uploaded the photo to her Me-Today on the 30th with the message, “It is 40 minutes until the Africa broadcast. I’ll do it in this room. I’ll offer advice. Come in~.”

In the photo Kang Ye-bin is wearing a sheer mini-dress with a deep-cut neckline and is taking a pose on a bed. Her appropriately tanned skin and voluminous figure is dazzling.

Netizen responded, “I want to go to that room, too.” “Just seeing that photo . . . I can’t wait.”

Kang Ye-bin debuted as BJ on the internet broadcast “Africa TV” on the 30th at 8 PM.

Internet people dissatisfied with beauty pageant judging

The criticism seems pretty harsh. Beauty pageants have their own culture and deviate pretty significantly from generally held standards of beauty. And I wouldn’t call the women pictures ugly, by any means.

I think the article does reflect the internet’s hyper-magnification of unrealistic standards of beauty.

Original from the Herald Kyongjae.

‘Global Miss Bikini’ pageant, selected ‘the worst, ugly women’

[Herald Kyongjae | Reporter Chong Taeran] Amid criticism concerning the transparency of selection criteria for Chinese beauty pageants, criticism is growing over the seleciton of “ugly women” at another beauty pageant.

On the 15th, local media including the Chinese daily ‘Guangzhou Ribao’ and ‘Zhongbei Fangwang’ reported that the “ugly girl generation” appeared at the Global Miss Bikini Regional Preliminaries held in Shandong Province. Similarly, the “Ugly Trio” selected at the Miss International held in Chongqing City on July 6th are results in opposition to the local popular opinion that they are the ugliest “beautiful women” in history. As ugly women are continuously selected at beauty pageants, the possibility of intervening in the selection process, which can’t be seen, has been raised.

“Trendiness, health, friendship, and love” is the philosophy at the heart of the Global Miss Bikini Pageant, which is known as one of the most fashionable beauty pageants in the world. But it is fairly difficult for the local press to find suitable criteria when they try to compare the three women selected by this pageant’s Chinese regional preliminaries with past pageants. Even worse, some members of the press reported, “We’ve received a KO loss from the Chongqing Ugly Trio and the Shandong Bikini girls.”

Chinese netizens could not conceal their disappointment over with Miss Bikini girls. Some netizens express dissatisfaction with the selection criteria, “(Looking at the photos) apparently there is something wrong with my vision.” “Appearance is appearance, but I’m suspicious of their gender.” One cable broadcast pointed out that there was a problem with the clothing, saying that the bikinis worn by participants made the participants “look as if they are transgender.”


Stay classy, Chinese auto shows

Tabloid piece about how Chinese auto shows are cranking it up to 11, and I’m referring to sex, because who goes to an auto show to look at cars?

Original from one of the Tonga tabloids.

“2nd Gan Ruru” appears, is exposing breasts essential now at Chinese motor shows?

Caption: “2nd Gan Ruru” Wu Xi-er

It seems that “Exposure Queen” Gan Ruru (27) turned China’s motor show convention into an “exposure convention”. It has reached that point that they say, “Exposure is basic.”

On the 11th China’s Pung Xin Wang [apparently a site, but I couldn’t nail it down] reported, “A second Gan Ruru appeared at the motorshow wearing a deeply low-cut dress.”

Called “A second Gan Ruru”, the center of netizen attention is model Wu Xi-er.

Referring to Wu Xi-er, netizens replace Gan Ruru’s “Gan” (character for dry) with its opposite character “Su” (character for wet) and call her Su Ruru.

Wu Xi-er appeared on the 9th at the 2012 “Shenzhen – Hong Kong – Macau Motor Show” held in Guangdong’s Shenzhen wearing a flesh-colored dress broadly revealing cleavage. The dress that barely covered her breasts made onlookers dizzy.

The state of bedlam the motor show became as spectators and reporters followed Wu Xi-er around was also orchestrated. The scene was like the previous scene around Gan Ruru.

At the “2012 Beijing Motor Show” on the 4th, Gan Ruru beat out the other racing models in a daring outfit with widely visible cleavage and received the most flashes [i.e. flash photography].

And last month on the 23rd at the “Shanghai Kitchen Goods Exhibition” she shocked everyone when she appeared wearing silver clothes that exposed one shoulder and her hips.

Netizens have responded negatively, saying, “Because of Gan Ruru motor shows have become strip shows.” “Its is good to draw attention but it isn’t good to turn the place into a madhouse.” “Now exposing breasts is basic.”

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A celebrity puff-piece about nothing but breasts. A staple of the Sports Daily.

Original from Sports Chosun.

‘C-cup breasts’ Oh Ch’o-hui, “My figure is natural”

Broadcaster Oh Ch’o-hui, owner of C-cup breasts, surprisingly confessed that her figure was natural.

Recently at the taping of cable channel Fashion N’s “Sweet Room 4”, Oh Ch’o-hui said, “My figure is natural,” while revealing the secret to keeping her figure. Oh Ch’o-hui has drawn attention for her C-cup breasts.

Voluptuous-figured Oh Ch’o-hui said she usually likes the see-through look and bikinis. Oh Ch’o-hui, who was showing off her slender figure with see-through at the taping that day, also made the surprising suggestion that, “In a foreign country I didn’t wear underwear under see-through.”

She holds certifications as a skin-care expert and yoga instructor so she naturally has the nickname “self-care master”. The secret to a glamourous figure without flab that she recommended was simply walking and a butt massage device. And for for perfect skin, caring for your skin using rice bran flour.

The “Sweet Room 4” revealing the secret to Oh Ch’o-hui’s beautiful figure will be broadcast on the 3rd.


More Bagel Girl photos

So, there was a huge Kpop concert in California. Who knew?

As near as I can tell, the only association with Google is the fact that the venue is in the same city as Google headquarters.

Original from Sports Seoul.

“Pajamas?” Sister’s So-yu, sexy airline fashion ‘surprise’

Girl group Sister member So-yu drew the attention of crowds of reporters with her “voluptuous body line”. So-yu finished the 8 PM performance on MBC “Korea Music Wave in Google” on the 23rd and entered the country via Inchon International Airport. So-yu appeared at the airport wearing a comfortable pink training suit in cosideration of the long flight and displayed her glamourous figure, revealing her sexy bustline with a deeply scooped-neck sleeveless T-shirt. And disregarding that she was also wearing sunglasses, boasting an face that you cannot see any age in, everything about his bagel-girl came together in airport fashion and was baptized in the flashes of the crowds of reporters.

MBC’s “Korea Wave in Google” concert was a performance hosted on a magnificent stage at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, with the top idol groups of Korea, including Tongbang Sin’gi [Eastern Magic?], Super Junior, Wondergirls, Girl’s Generation, Kara, Beast, Mblack, Sister, and FX.

Two celebrity pieces because Boobies!

Two quick celebrity pieces. I was going to post them together because I thought they were about the same person because I didn’t have enough coffee to read good. And they are thematically related, I suppose.

Original from Sports Tonga.

As I’m sure I mentioned before, ‘bagel-girl’ is a Korean portmanteau of ‘baby-face’ and ‘glamour’ (borrowed word used to mean a voluptuous figure).

Chon Hyo-song bikini-look first release, ‘as expected, number 1 bagel-girl’

Chon Hyo-song

Girl group Secret member Chon Hyo-song’s bikini figure was revealed to the public.

On the 21st, on an online community forum, various photos were uploaded with the title “Secret’s Chon Hyo-song real tank-top”.

The released photos are full of shots from an advertising photoshoot on the 16th and 17th of Secret, who were recently chosen as models for a waterpark in Kwangju. Each member wore a tank-top whose color revealed their individuality and matching white hot pants and showed off their slender figures.

In particular, member Chon Hyo-song grabs your view, revealing her glamorous figure through her blue tank-top.

Netizens responded, “Glamorous”, “Pretty”, “I like to see her more than those scrawny girl groups”, “Chon Hyo-song’s smiling face is pretty”.

Secret, all of whose members recently succeeded in losing weight by a rigorous diet, demonstrated their bikini-look for the first time through these advertisements.

Tonga dot com Celebrity News Team report star@donga.com

Original from the Segye Ilbo.

“G-cup woman” Chong Su-chong, girl group member debut

Sunny Days

“Femme Fatale Diary Season 4” Chong Su-chong (24) will debut in a girl group.

On the 19th, Chong Su-chong’s representation agency announced, “Chong Su-chong has plans to debut with the girl group ‘Sunny Days’.”

Including Chong Su-chong, Sunny Days Son-kyong, Chi-ho, Min-ji, Su-hyon passed through two year of strict power-vocal training to make a 5-person girl group.

Chong Su-chong appeared in “Femme Fatale Diary Season 4” and attracted attention as the “G-cup woman”. She held that interest in 2010 with her passionate relationship with Lotte Giants pitcher Chang Won-jun.

Sunny Days with Chong Su-chong recently released the recording titled, “Take it with you”.

Chong Unnari, reporter jenr38@segye.com

Blame Japan. It’s what I do.

Original from My Daily’s reprint of the JP News article.

Too tired for commentary.

Japan’s open sexual culture too different from Japan

Photos of Kara member Goo Hara published in a Japanese magazine are drawing criticism on every portal site.

The object of criticism are photos published in a Japanese gossip magazine with the title “2012 panchira (panties reveal) masterpiece release issue”.

Looking at the photos, the interior of Goo Hara’s skirt is plainly uncovered. It is apparent that the cameraman caught the interior of the skirt furtively uncovered and took the photos.

Those Korean media sources and netizens who saw the photos gave touchy responses, saying, “It’s preposterous,” and “A vile display.” To Korean sentiment, it is difficult to permit photos like these outside of an adult magazine.

But, the claim that taking photos like this is “vile” or hateful to Koreans is not the truth. To the contrary, it is a type of photo that can be commonly seen in Japan.

In Japan, which has a unusually developed sexual culture, photos like these are pretty common. In particular, gossip weeklies are regular buyers of photos like these. If you only look at the photos published by these magazines, there are no end of photos more fantastic than those on top. [??? Ugh 2 AM translating.] Korea’s “disappearing pants” charm. [Disappearing pants are a fashion trend where you wear a long shirt and very short shorts, making it look like you aren’t wearing pants.]

Of course there are thighs revealed beneath miniskirts and cleavage that is visible when they bow their heads in greeting, and what is worse is there are times that they publish photos even of brassiere straps that are slightly revealed in sleeveless clothing. Of course, they attach partial magnifications of the photos, too.

[Caption: Well-known Japanese gossip magazine FRIDAY.]

Because of the scarcity of these photos, weeklies will pay very high prices for them. So there are freelance cameramen who specialize in taking these photos.

They call this culture “chirarism” in Japan. “Chirari” means furtive. Those who feel sexually attracted to furtively revealed underwear rather than plain things [plainly or openly visible things] pursue “chirarism”. It is a sexual taste.

This chirarism is accepted as one culture in sexually open Japanese society.

According to one Japanese paparazzi reporter, there are also stars who intentionally will furtively expose their underwear. Rather, it is to be able to attract interest.

He complained that every time Korean idols bow they cover their chests with their hands, and when they bow or so on they are too covered and don’t allow a view.

In the case of this photo of Goo Hara, in Japan without much weird stuff, it was regarded as a gossip weekly photo. In the case of Kara, these photos have been taken several times. This photo attracted attention while it was published on a Korean community site forum.

Then, if a photo is taken of an inadvertant exposure, can they sue the relevant magazine publisher?

There are few cases where they went to trial for personal damages or defamation even in cases where the photos were shot secretly and were extreme. Photo magazines and stars, to a certain degree, coexist, and have a symbiotic relationship. They just say, “You got me,” and get over it.

As for the Goo Hara photo scandal, it has been an example showing that the differences between the nearby countries of Korea and Japan’s conceptions of sex and culture are considerable.

Reporter Kim Yon-su

This article was provided by JP News. All authority and responsibility for this article belongs to JP News.