Ilbe Net Slang Glossary

컨셉병신 = A specific kind of troll, like an internet tough guy who makes false claims about who they are.

일베하는 벌레들 = 일베충 Ilbe bugs.  B-tards.

운지 = 자살, 떨어짐 = 노무현 자살 비하 Suicide, falling down = Making fun of How Roh Mu Hyeon commited suicide

김치년 = 대한민국 여자들 South Korean bitches

스시녀 = Japanese Girl (Sushi girl)

오오미 = 우와 Wow!

홍어, 전라디언 = 전라도 비하 Terms Making fun of people from Cholla Province.

가카 = 이명박 Lee Myeong Bak

하덕 = 내가 싫어하는 애니 좋아하는 人 반대는 상덕  Someone who like the anime I hate.
The opposite is 상덕.

제곧내 = 제목이 곧 내용 Concur whole-heatedly with a post.

ㅈㅈㅂ= 좆중복 damn right/fuckin’ a (usually modifies ㅁㅈㅎ which is like the dislike button and literally means something like dickin’ it over and over/there are not enough)

일베게이 = 일반 게시판 이용자 A general user of the bulletin board. 게이 sounds like Gay in English.  게이 is the abbreviated term and equivalent to “fag” on 4chan.

새부 = 새침부끄 coy and shy

유입 = 내가 처음 보는 사람 Noob.  Someone you’re seeing for the first time.

74 = 질사 (질내사정) To ejaculate inside of the vagina

오유 = 오늘의 유머 사이트  Humor site of the day

땅크 = 전두환 Cheon Dwu Hwan (Literally is English for a Military TANK)

어그로 = 위협수준 Warning Level

John’s additions:
슴가 = 가슴 Boobs (the syllables for chest, reversed)

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