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Because we like our memes slutty

I haven’t had the time to keep my Korean up for the last way-too-long, but since Kangaji is soon to be within daily nagging distance, I will try to post something racy on a weekly basis.

As usual, the sports daily fills up space with a survey of Youtube comments about women.

Original from Sports Seoul.

18+ version "Kwiyo Misong" video release, attracting interest. / Youtube video capture
18+ version “Kwiyo Misong” video release, attracting interest. / Youtube video capture

18+ “Kuiyo Misong” release controversy . . . Netizens reproach “national shame”

Criticism is arising for the release of a 19+ version of “Kuiyo Misong” [“Cute smile”].

Recently the online video site Youtube carried a video of three women following along with “Kuiyo Misong” and sexily dancing in place, drawing a lot of interest. In the video, the women sit side by side on a bed and make sexy gestures. They give a dizzying performance, pulling down their sleeves and wiggling their butts.

But some netizens are raising their voices in reproach for the women in the video and commenters. It is not only that the behavior in the video is vulgar, but ecause they worry that since they put the word “Korean” [in English] in the title they will spread a negative impression of Korea and Korean women.

Netizens who saw the video responded, “While Kuiyo Misong parodies are trendy this isn’t like that.” “It brings shame to the whole country.” “In the second part they took off all of their clothes so it is good that they were stopped.” “I don’t understand why they would make something like this.”

Some netizens drew attention with the claim that the women featured in the video were transsexuals from another country.

The video in question.

And I just lost my weekend clicking through “Kwiyo Misong” videos.

The underside of plastic surgery in K pop

Found this story in a gossip column.

Original on In’gan Sports.

A pitiful event occurred when Miss B of girl group A cried at a broadcasting station and had to leave because the swelling hadn’t gone down from her “Pinnochio nose”. Group A just published a new album is in the middle of[promotional] activities. That day, the same as other days, they were waiting to perform on a broadcast television music program. But a supervising PD came and blocked Team A’s performance. The reason really took my breath away. The swelling in the nose of Miss B, who had cosmetic surgery, hadn’t diminished and had swollen larger. Her face had “transformed” to the extent that she couldn’t go out on the broadcast. In the end the PD stood and cancelled the performance and A group cried as they left the station. Miss B, take care. How much has her nose changed . . .

Hyona — Will she go too far?

Wow, am out of practice. Quick and dirty and barely legible translation.

Original from OSEN.

Hyona "Ice Cream"

Hyona, stronger than the bubble bath? Rated 19 video notice.

The judgment for what audience age rating the music video for Hyona’s new song “Ice Cream” will receive, giving notice to the appropriate level, is drawing attention.

Hyona is scheduled to release the feature music video for “Ice Cream” on the 22nd. Even though the “Ice Cream” teaser released on the 19th was rated for audiences age 15 and up, it is drawing attention for its unprecedented bubble bath scene, and level of the music video is expected to be much higher. A representative of the agency Cube Entertainment hinted, “It will feel a little stronger overall.”

In the past they [music producers] have intended to avoid the “age 19” rating, but recently, while there is a policy that teens can’t view, a higher level of expression has been allowed. Accordingly, it is likely that Hyona, who has preferred unconventional performances near the limits, will choose to take an “age 19” rating this time.

Recently there is the example where Ka-in put the music video for “P’iona [Bloom]”, which receive an age 19 rating, online, where it received a warm response.

Hyona’s EP Melting has been leaked out overseas and was urgently released at 2 PM on the 22nd. Notwithstanding the album’s unexpected release, as of this afternoon the album has leapt to number five on the charts of music sites such as Melon and has received a warm response.

Since the “Ice Cream” teaser video was released two days ago it has been ranked the most searched for video this week with more than 2.4 million hits.

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Ka-in’s “P’iona”. Halfway into the video, my brother came into the room and looked over my shoulder. After five seconds, he asked, “So, she’s just ripping off Madonna?”

Teaser video.

“Bubble Pop”, a previous Hyona solo release.

Kang Ye-bin pinup

Girly pics. Gotta mobilize the base in an election year.

Original from Ingan Sports.

Kang Ye-bin, dressed in a clingy dress self-photo, “Smile!”

Broadcaster Kang Ye-bin BJ (Broadcasting Jackie) released her debut wardrobe.

Kang Ye-bin uploaded the photo to her Me-Today on the 30th with the message, “It is 40 minutes until the Africa broadcast. I’ll do it in this room. I’ll offer advice. Come in~.”

In the photo Kang Ye-bin is wearing a sheer mini-dress with a deep-cut neckline and is taking a pose on a bed. Her appropriately tanned skin and voluminous figure is dazzling.

Netizen responded, “I want to go to that room, too.” “Just seeing that photo . . . I can’t wait.”

Kang Ye-bin debuted as BJ on the internet broadcast “Africa TV” on the 30th at 8 PM.


A celebrity puff-piece about nothing but breasts. A staple of the Sports Daily.

Original from Sports Chosun.

‘C-cup breasts’ Oh Ch’o-hui, “My figure is natural”

Broadcaster Oh Ch’o-hui, owner of C-cup breasts, surprisingly confessed that her figure was natural.

Recently at the taping of cable channel Fashion N’s “Sweet Room 4”, Oh Ch’o-hui said, “My figure is natural,” while revealing the secret to keeping her figure. Oh Ch’o-hui has drawn attention for her C-cup breasts.

Voluptuous-figured Oh Ch’o-hui said she usually likes the see-through look and bikinis. Oh Ch’o-hui, who was showing off her slender figure with see-through at the taping that day, also made the surprising suggestion that, “In a foreign country I didn’t wear underwear under see-through.”

She holds certifications as a skin-care expert and yoga instructor so she naturally has the nickname “self-care master”. The secret to a glamourous figure without flab that she recommended was simply walking and a butt massage device. And for for perfect skin, caring for your skin using rice bran flour.

The “Sweet Room 4” revealing the secret to Oh Ch’o-hui’s beautiful figure will be broadcast on the 3rd.

More Bagel Girl photos

So, there was a huge Kpop concert in California. Who knew?

As near as I can tell, the only association with Google is the fact that the venue is in the same city as Google headquarters.

Original from Sports Seoul.

“Pajamas?” Sister’s So-yu, sexy airline fashion ‘surprise’

Girl group Sister member So-yu drew the attention of crowds of reporters with her “voluptuous body line”. So-yu finished the 8 PM performance on MBC “Korea Music Wave in Google” on the 23rd and entered the country via Inchon International Airport. So-yu appeared at the airport wearing a comfortable pink training suit in cosideration of the long flight and displayed her glamourous figure, revealing her sexy bustline with a deeply scooped-neck sleeveless T-shirt. And disregarding that she was also wearing sunglasses, boasting an face that you cannot see any age in, everything about his bagel-girl came together in airport fashion and was baptized in the flashes of the crowds of reporters.

MBC’s “Korea Wave in Google” concert was a performance hosted on a magnificent stage at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, with the top idol groups of Korea, including Tongbang Sin’gi [Eastern Magic?], Super Junior, Wondergirls, Girl’s Generation, Kara, Beast, Mblack, Sister, and FX.

Two celebrity pieces because Boobies!

Two quick celebrity pieces. I was going to post them together because I thought they were about the same person because I didn’t have enough coffee to read good. And they are thematically related, I suppose.

Original from Sports Tonga.

As I’m sure I mentioned before, ‘bagel-girl’ is a Korean portmanteau of ‘baby-face’ and ‘glamour’ (borrowed word used to mean a voluptuous figure).

Chon Hyo-song bikini-look first release, ‘as expected, number 1 bagel-girl’

Chon Hyo-song

Girl group Secret member Chon Hyo-song’s bikini figure was revealed to the public.

On the 21st, on an online community forum, various photos were uploaded with the title “Secret’s Chon Hyo-song real tank-top”.

The released photos are full of shots from an advertising photoshoot on the 16th and 17th of Secret, who were recently chosen as models for a waterpark in Kwangju. Each member wore a tank-top whose color revealed their individuality and matching white hot pants and showed off their slender figures.

In particular, member Chon Hyo-song grabs your view, revealing her glamorous figure through her blue tank-top.

Netizens responded, “Glamorous”, “Pretty”, “I like to see her more than those scrawny girl groups”, “Chon Hyo-song’s smiling face is pretty”.

Secret, all of whose members recently succeeded in losing weight by a rigorous diet, demonstrated their bikini-look for the first time through these advertisements.

Tonga dot com Celebrity News Team report

Original from the Segye Ilbo.

“G-cup woman” Chong Su-chong, girl group member debut

Sunny Days

“Femme Fatale Diary Season 4” Chong Su-chong (24) will debut in a girl group.

On the 19th, Chong Su-chong’s representation agency announced, “Chong Su-chong has plans to debut with the girl group ‘Sunny Days’.”

Including Chong Su-chong, Sunny Days Son-kyong, Chi-ho, Min-ji, Su-hyon passed through two year of strict power-vocal training to make a 5-person girl group.

Chong Su-chong appeared in “Femme Fatale Diary Season 4” and attracted attention as the “G-cup woman”. She held that interest in 2010 with her passionate relationship with Lotte Giants pitcher Chang Won-jun.

Sunny Days with Chong Su-chong recently released the recording titled, “Take it with you”.

Chong Unnari, reporter

Profit from le petit objet (I don’t speak French)

Fetishes. So much to be said, so little time.

Stewardess bar employees

Yes, airline stewardesses are working people who deserve to do their jobs without being sexually harassed.

It needs to be pointed out that it is the airlines who, from the beginning and through the present, presented and rareified the stewardess as a sexual object. While US airlines have largely reformed their policies and treat attendants more like typical service sector employees (admittedly, particularly skilled ones), Asian airlines are notorious for going the opposite way. Wasn’t there a reality show about hiring women as flight attendants for China Air a few years back? I know Sheridan Prasso has written on it.

And Korean flight attendants make more money because they are held to beauty standards as well as professionalism. I don’t know much about the industry, inside, but it seems that Korean flight attendants are at least a little complicit in their objectification, and they profit from it.

What may be more interesting is the development of branding and marketing in adult entertainment industry in Korea. The industry manages to be simultaneously in-your-face and underground. How is that changing? Well, this makes an interesting data point. Notice that they did not publish the name of the establishment.

Attentive readers of the original Korean will notice the different synonyms for “bar” used.

Also, the word of the day is ‘sikkop-hada’ (‘식겁하다’). The only translation I found on Naver was ‘freakify‘, whatever that means.

Seriously, though? I never understood the stewardess fetish. For one thing, I think the scarves look ridiculous. Also, airplane cabins? Not sexy.

Somehow I doubt that, to really recreate the experience, they jam your seats together and make you climb over each other every time you need to go to the bathroom. I wonder if the food is also horrible? At least the prices look realistic.

Original from the Chungang Ilbo.

[Exclusive] Stewardesses serving in room salons? Concept bar criticism

“We offer the highest service of beautiful stewardesses.”

Lately, around lunch hour in the street in front of Exit Seoul’s Kangnam Station, you can see slender women in stewardess uniforms passing out flyers the size of business cards for an adult entertainment club. At first glance, they look just like Korean Air stewardess, with even the scarfs tied at their necks, but their skirts seem to be more than 20 cm shorter than Korean Air official uniforms.

The shop they are promoting is a type of “concept bar” that presents women in stewardess uniforms. Bars called ‘stewardess bars’ are doing great business in areas like Kangnam, Youido, and Mugyodong. Employees are going out to the street and enticing customers, saying, “Stewardesses pour your drinks.”

Stewardess bar employees, lined up.

Hong Chi-in (23), a stewardess applicant attending a nearby stewardess academy, said, “Those clothes are the envy of stewardess applicants, it’s unpleasant to seem them wearing them as a ‘company outfit’.”

The Korean Air uniforms drawing this criticism became famous when they were personally designed by the global fashion designer Gian Franco Ferre in 2005. It’s unique characteristics are the sky-blue silk blouse, the hairpin that draws association with the Korean traditional pinyo, and the scarf. ‘Stewardess bar’ employees serve customers wearing clothes identical to the uniform of Korean Air employees. Also characteristic is a menu and interior referencing cabin service.

The menu follows the names of airplane passenger levels. The economy course (149,000 won) is the most inexpensive and there is also business class (210,000 won) and first class (269,000). It is written down on the menu that these courses, “provide whiskey, food, and a stewardess.”

Mr. Kim (33), a manager operating this establishment, hinted, “If a stewardess you desire is there, they can be seated [with you] for 100,000 won per person.” It is intended to be a business transaction similar to adult entertainment clubs where they receive tips.

Currently working stewardesses and stewardess applicants have stood in opposition to stewardess bars. Ms. Kim (29), in her seventh year as a Korean Air stewardess, said, “I had heard that it was popular to wear uniforms similar to ours in clinics like dermatologists or cosmetic surgery, but I can’t stand that they are wearing them in bars.” Another stewardess, Miss Choi (25), flew into a rage, saying, “I freaked when I saw them wearing our uniforms to hand out flyers and knew what the company’s intentions were.” “Doesn’t the company have to steps so it can’t be worn in other places?”

Actually, the uniform is sold for 45,000 won in internet shopping malls. As well as these ‘stewardess bars’ that are drawing criticism, a ‘concept bar’ in Youido that presents female employees wearing women’s military uniforms is also popular.

Reporter Ha Son-yong

Ivy goes shopping, BREAKING NEWS!

I never figure out what they really mean in the netizen comments. I need to get better with colloquial expressions.

I get that there is a sense of false modesty required from celebrities, especially women celebrities, but I think that when Korean media figures talk about getting fat or ugly, well, I think it really exacerbates the problem of the media promoting unrealistic standards of beauty. Can’t it be possible to show modesty without trying to raise the bar?

I mean, I get that its a joke, but, really, can’t public figures like her try to encourage wider standards of beauty?

Original out of the Sports Tonga.

Ivy embarassed, why “gained weight like a pig”…

Singer Ivy released pictures of her daily life on her blog.

Ivy, who recently has been staging a comeback in the musical “Chicago”, recently released pictures of her daily life on her blog and is telling fans of her current circumstances.

The photos she released on March 30th are full of Ivy’s appearance as she visits a clothing shop in Chongdamdong.

In the pictures she cheerfully presented the store’s interior decorations and props while she showed herself.

Ivy, who revealed her shaplely legs in a shirt and pleated skirt, was as voluptuous as ever. But she said about her picture, “I’ve gained weight like a pig and I didn’t do my hair.” in the subtitles of the movie screen in the photo.

Netizens visiting Ivy’s blog posted responses, “Whatever she means, isn’t she more stylish when she’s made up?” “It seemed like something I would say, I almost got depressed for a moment.” “She has exceptional taste.” “When does the goddess’s album come out?” celebrity news team news tips

Ivy’s Blog, straight from the horse’s mouth.

More on Jamilla

Another article on the Korean media’s reaction to Jamilla. Damn, celebrities can get catty.

Original on Seqye Ilbo.

Jamilla “I want cosmetic surgery.” . . . . Sudden aging in two years

Jamilla (28) from “Chatting with Beauties” revealed positive opinions toward cosmetic surgery.

The broadcast on the 22nd of “Chu Pyong-jin’s Talk Concert” was styled as “Eight Global Beauties Special Editiion” and featured Jamilla, Bianca, Sayuri, Eva, Christina, Paulina, Un Tong-ryong, and Larissa.

On that day, while discussing the topic of “Plastic Surgery”, comedienne An Son-yong, making a guest appearance, pointed out that the westernization of beauty standards was one of the causes of the plastic surgery boom, and said, “In Korea, Jamilla is extremely beautiful, but in Uzbekistan women like her work in the fields.”

Jamilla agreed to this, “That’s right.” But about cosmetic surgery, she shared her positive opinion that, “I think it is better to have cosmetic surgery rather than go on living with a complex.”

Jamilla added, “I also want to get cosmetic surgery. My nose is flat so I want to have my nose done.”

Jamilla, who revealed herself on the screen for the first time in two years, gave a shock with her rapidly aged appearance. Netizens responded, “She seems much older than before.” “She is pretty now, but where is her appearance from two years ago?”

Reporter Chong Unnari