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HP Pavillion G6 freezing with Windows 8 every 30 seconds? Do this…

It’s unusual for this blog but here’s a solution for your HP Pavillion G6 getting slow and freezy.

Step 1: Get into safe mode by hitting the start menu and typing msconfig, go to boot and click safemode…

Restart computer.

Hit F2.

Perform a hard disk quick test.

If it says it failed then exit diagnositics and go to step 2:

Step 2: hold down shift and click the power button on the lower right part of the GUI.

blue screen should come up. Click automatic repair.

Automatic repair should keep things from being super slow.

Step 3:
Go back into normal windows

right click on computer

right click on advanced system settings

Click advanced

click performance options

click visual effects

click adjust for best performance

click advanced tab

click change under virtual memory section

click custom size radio box

change minimum to 512 and max to 1024

step 4:

Click start button

type cmd

right click and choose run as administrator

bcedit /set disabledynamictick

type exit

step 5:

go to youtube and type hp g6 fan

open up computer and disassemble to the point of flipping over the motherboard and air dust the crap out
of the fan, reassemble and drive on

SNL Korea – I sub an inappropriate video

If you get caught with your hands in your pants, counter-attack with
Korean Style R&B!

El Monte Lifeguards finally reinstated after being fired for PSY video

After almost 10 long and ridiculous months, the city council of El Monte has decided to reinstate lifeguards they fired for MAKING A VIDEO PARODY of GANGNAM STYLE outraging people from THE ENTIRE WORLD. The news just came on their facebook page: “Bring back the El Monte 14.”

They got fired for making this:

Yeah, total and complete BS.

I guess the city council tried to squash the issue by sitting on it for ten months and then realized they’d be screwed because people ARE STILL PISSED OFF and summer is beginning.

I don’t understand how corrupt politicians can hold that long of a grudge at great political cost.  (Yeah, check out cop scandles and real estate scandles in El Monte.)  You’d think they’d just let it go, but for some reason they had to hold on to some weird sense of pride?  Anyway, it’s good to see politicians having to eat crow and get on their knees for making stupid decisions to fire teenagers over making a video parody.

IF you google “El Monte Lifeguards reinstated” you’ll see the press praising the good decision in October but in November they BACK PEDALED:

AND THEN tried to make the issue go away by having a prolonged BS investigation.  What a bunch of tools.

Koreans and Corn Syrup

I noticed at a party recently that Koreans really really really did not like root beer and the liquor fireballs. So I was thinking that since root beer is mostly a corn syrup based product in its soda based form, drinking corn syrup based sodas may be like drinking watered down maple syrup. So I asked if it was like drinking syrup. Yes. It was like drinking syrup.

Speaking Styles in the ROK Marines

I recently moved to SEATTLE where I have the exciting pleasure of doing language exchange.
One of the people I talk to did his military service as a ROK Marine. I found out
some interesting things about speaking styles:

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Cool USS George Washington Graphic

Cool Joongang Ilbo graphic shows what George Washington could do in a Korean war scenario.
On the right are details about George Washington’s systems.
As you can see though, GW would be in a very shallow area (the West Sea) and there’s lots
of missile boats and minisubs on the North Korean side that would prowl around

Chinese Communist Party Elite calls three Kim’s “Fatasses” behind closed doors

Ye Olde Chosun came out with an article in which Researcher Oh from the US Non-profit IDA says Chinese elites called the Kim family FATASSES behind closed doors:


Key points from above article:
오 연구원은 “지난해 말 중국에 가서 최고 엘리트급 공산당 간부들과 비공개회의를 가졌는데 그들이 북한을 원색적으로 성토했다”며 “그들은 ‘첫 번째 뚱보가 김일성, 두 번째 뚱보가 김정일이고 세 번째 뚱보가 김정은인데, 이 세 번째가 하늘 무서운 줄 모르고 날뛰니 우리도 기분이 나쁘다’, ‘북한이 핵을 잘못 쏘면 바로 강 건너에 있는 우리한테 날아올 수 있어 걱정된다’는 얘기도 했다”고 말했다.
At the end of last year the highest ranking officials of the communist party cadre held closed door meeting in which they poored out raw criticism on North Korea and said “the first fat ass was Kim Il Seong, the second fat ass was Kim Jeong Il, and the third fatass is Kim Jeong Eun.”  They are worried about North Korean launching a missile accidentally across the [yalu] river.

오 연구원은 “(중국의) 최고 정책 결정권자들이 노년층이기 때문에 단기간 내에 표면적 정책이 바뀌지는 않겠지만, 속으로 북한을 좋아하지 않는 것은 사실”이라며 “특히 교육을 잘받고 풍요를 경험한 젊은 엘리트들은 중국이 북한 때문에 덤터기로 국제사회에 ‘깡패국가’로 인식되는 것을 불쾌하게 여긴다”고 말했다.

Basically says that the highest policy decision makers won’t change the current policies because their old foggies but nobody likes the North and the young elite who are better educated are sick of North Korea and don’t see why they should keep supporting an international pariah…

Other details: This is based on an interview with Research O Gong Dan from the US IDA

Korean Internet Memes: Chun Tank!

In case you’re wondering what the hell is going on in this video Chon Du Hwan was a South Korean General and Dictator famous for suppressing democracy by killing protestors and the citizens army in the1980 Kwangju Uprising.

Internet trolls from everywhere but Cholla province where the massacre happened like to make fun of Cholla people for their progressive voting stance, so people who troll on Cholla people for being dirty commies and pinko liberals turned Chon into a super villian anti-hero who turns into a TANK dubbing him CHON TANK.

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Ashura’s Anime Reviews: Maoyuu

Kangaji’s thoughts will feature Anime related articles by bloggers whose blogs didn’t pass the safe for work test.  So, here is the first in a series of too hot for AMS blogs.

강아지의 생각은 이제부터 www.animemangasociety.com의 NSFW (사무실에서 안전하지않은) 이유때문에 거절한 애니메이션에대한 블로그의글을 발표하겠습니다. 그러나 이제부터 AMS으로써 너무 야한 시리즈는 이첫글으로 시작하겠습니다.

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I just don’t understand people who shout for the withdrawal of USFK