HP Pavillion G6 freezing with Windows 8 every 30 seconds? Do this…

It’s unusual for this blog but here’s a solution for your HP Pavillion G6 getting slow and freezy.

Step 1: Get into safe mode by hitting the start menu and typing msconfig, go to boot and click safemode…

Restart computer.

Hit F2.

Perform a hard disk quick test.

If it says it failed then exit diagnositics and go to step 2:

Step 2: hold down shift and click the power button on the lower right part of the GUI.

blue screen should come up. Click automatic repair.

Automatic repair should keep things from being super slow.

Step 3:
Go back into normal windows

right click on computer

right click on advanced system settings

Click advanced

click performance options

click visual effects

click adjust for best performance

click advanced tab

click change under virtual memory section

click custom size radio box

change minimum to 512 and max to 1024

step 4:

Click start button

type cmd

right click and choose run as administrator

bcedit /set disabledynamictick

type exit

step 5:

go to youtube and type hp g6 fan

open up computer and disassemble to the point of flipping over the motherboard and air dust the crap out
of the fan, reassemble and drive on

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