El Monte Lifeguards finally reinstated after being fired for PSY video

After almost 10 long and ridiculous months, the city council of El Monte has decided to reinstate lifeguards they fired for MAKING A VIDEO PARODY of GANGNAM STYLE outraging people from THE ENTIRE WORLD. The news just came on their facebook page: “Bring back the El Monte 14.”

They got fired for making this:

Yeah, total and complete BS.

I guess the city council tried to squash the issue by sitting on it for ten months and then realized they’d be screwed because people ARE STILL PISSED OFF and summer is beginning.

I don’t understand how corrupt politicians can hold that long of a grudge at great political cost.  (Yeah, check out cop scandles and real estate scandles in El Monte.)  You’d think they’d just let it go, but for some reason they had to hold on to some weird sense of pride?  Anyway, it’s good to see politicians having to eat crow and get on their knees for making stupid decisions to fire teenagers over making a video parody.

IF you google “El Monte Lifeguards reinstated” you’ll see the press praising the good decision in October but in November they BACK PEDALED:


AND THEN tried to make the issue go away by having a prolonged BS investigation.  What a bunch of tools.

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