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William from ROKDROP.COM found this article about an incident getting lots of coverage in the Korean media and none in the English speaking world. Here is my translation:ROKDROP.COM의 사용자 William에따라 이기사는 한국언론보도는 이기사같은 주제를 다루고있는데 영어언론보도는 거의 없어요. 다음에 글은 저의 번역된 것입니다.


The Yongsan police station in Seoul disclosed that it booked a 39 year old USFK Air Force Major Mister J on the 13th on sexual assault charges [for the] (Rape) of his ex-girlfriend.서울 용산경찰서는 전 여자친구를 성폭행한 혐의(강간)로 주한 미 공군 소령 J(39)씨를 불구속 입건했다고 13일 밝혔다.

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According to the police Mr. J is suspected of raping a Korean of Australian nationality, the 34 year old Ms. A inside of his car which was parked in a parking lot in the SeoCh’u district of Seoul.경찰에 따르면 J씨는 지난해 8월 서울 서초구 한 주차장에 세워둔 자신의 차 안에서 호주 국적의 한국인 A(34)씨를 성폭행한 혐의를 받고 있다.


The police reported that Mr. J started dating Miss A. at the end of the year 2010 whom he broke up with last May.  He then said ‘Let’s meet again’ on the day of the crime and  dropped by to see Ms. A.J씨는 2010년 말 교제를 시작한 A씨와 지난해 5월께 헤어졌으나 범행 당일 '다시 만나자'며 A씨를 찾아왔다고 경찰은 전했다.


Ms. A informed  US Air Force special investigators [of the rape] right after the incident but for the past 5 months she didn’t hear any news.  Last month she brought charges against Mr. J at the Yongsan police station.A씨는 사건 직후 미 공군 특별수사대에 신고했지만 5개월여 동안 아무런 소식이 없자 지난달 용산경찰서에 J씨를 고소했다.


A police official said ‘Mr. J has  continuously asserted that they had consensual sexual relations; The investigation is ongoing.’경찰 관계자는 'J씨가 합의 하에 성관계를 가졌다고 주장하고 있어 조사를 계속 하고 있다'고 말했다.


Seoul Yonhap News(서울=연합뉴스)


via ::SBS::미 공군 소령, 전 여자친구 성폭행 혐의 입건. (US Air Force Major booked for sexually assaulting ex-girlfriend)

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  2. William

    Yup Mr. Puppy, you nailed the long version of the article. I only made a quick jist summary and was amazed this story wasn’t being covered in English language Korean media as it even made some Korean TV.

    Google translate would have made you laugh. I am not saying a rape is a laughing matter, but the translation was pretty silly nonsense in spots.

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