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Kangaji’s thoughts will feature Anime related articles by bloggers whose blogs didn’t pass the safe for work test.  So, here is the first in a series of too hot for AMS blogs.

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Fifteen years have passed since the start of the war between humans and demons.  The humans entered the Demon Realm through the gate and took one of the demons’ strategic positions.  But while human forces were deployed there, demon forces occupied one of the human territories.  The small, cold nations to the sound fought many skirmishes with the demons, and the ensuing chaos and destruction caused the people great suffering.


Amidst the nightmarish confusion, a hero arose.  And with three companions, he went to defeat the demons.  Their rapid advance brought the people of the Central Nations great hope.  But because he grew impatient with their slow advance through the Demon Realm…Or perhaps there was another reason…He left his party behind and headed toward the Demon King’s castle alone.


Like an arrow fired from a bow, with a path straighter than a ruler…he finally comes face to face with his worthy adversary, only to find…





Yes that’s right, dear children.  The mighty hero who all lives depend on is stopped in his mighty tracks by red hair and breasts bigger than his head.  The fuck, man, the fuck.



[excellent strategy]


The Demon King Queen proceeds to claim that he is now hers because she said so…and is shot down.  Obviously.  We then get a random shot of three witches making us dizzy with their monologue until one of them falls to the ground.



[Foreshadowing!  Ah we’ll deal with this later.  Back to boobs!]


The Hero then decides that instead of monologuing to his enemy before he kills her, he’s just gonna skip all that and sit down with her and have a nice chat instead.    This is actually a good thing cuz every reason for “justice” he spouts turns out to be the humans fault anyway!  So actually the whole cause of the human/demon war is because of racism and humans are stupid.



[To be fair, no one really does.]


And of course the fact that war has a lot of economical benefits and if there was no war…the humans would be fucked and certain to starve to death.  So win or lose, we’re fucked.  Thank God the Hero was stopped by boobs.


[Hail boobies!!]


So she explains that she wants to end the war and to do so she’ll need him…but mostly because she’s head over heals for him for some unknown reason.  It’s apparently not important.  He still refuses, though.  Then she proposes what amounts to marriage.  For some reason, it works this time.



[Must have been the puppy-dog eyes]


After more stupid dialogue they agree to get started having crazy sexy time solving the worlds economic crisis.  Starting with food.  Well that sounds like a good way to end the episode…




Well in the end I have high hopes for this one, IF they stick to the “save the world through non-violent economics” route and not “save the world with love and maybe economics if we feel like it.”  Though honestly if it’s the former, what’s the hero’s role in this, anyway?  He’s too much of an idiot to be of any use to her except swinging his phallic sword around, but the Demon Queen is so good at using her seductive charms why even bother?  But this can’t turn into just a pathetic love story, can it?


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