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외국인과 불법체류자의 한국생활 5 Rules to live by for foreigners and illegals living in Korea5계명수칙

2013.02.24 06:00:13
 Kangaji Says:I saw this on Ilbe today and thought ‘wow, there’s some real asshole foreigners out there’.  Enjoy. Background: A Korean investigative journalism broadcast interviewed one of the lowliest foreign criminals. The guy let everyone know about his jacked up way of getting Korean citizenship so some users of Ilbe got together and made these rules for living life as an illegal as a joke.강아지의 생각:오늘 이것은 일베에서 봤고 '와~ 정말로 병신같은 외국이이 있구나'라고 생각했다. 즐겁세 읽기바랍니다. 배경: 한국 독자적인 조사 보도 방송은 어떤 최저최악 외국번인을 인터뷰해서 그녀석은 한국 국적을 잡은 말도 안되는 방법을 알려줬어서 일베게이들은 농담으로 이불법류의 생활법을 만들었다.
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5 rules of living for illegal aliens living in Korea.
1. Thou shalt pretend to be poor/pitiful.
-> Everyone will pity you.
2. When things don't go in your favor thou shalt use English or your mother tongue
-> The police will take your side out of pity.
3. Thou shalt get close to Korean females.
-> You can thoroughly enjoy yourself as you steal your way to citizenship and get paid!
4. Thou shalt keep in mind schemes for the sake of disobeying Korea's laws.
-> Compared to your own government the Korean government really doesn't have that much authority.
5. If you get into trouble thou shalt call a human right's group.
-> They'll believe whatever you say.


백청강 개새끼.jpg

Date Korean Women!  Foreign Criminal (Upper Left)
How to get Korean Citizenship:

1. Get close to a handicapped woman.  2. Unconditionally get a Korean woman pregnant. 3. Use a foreign language.  4. Live the married life until you get your citizenship.  5. If you get busted ask for an Interpreter.

한국에 입국하는 즉시 (특히 입국하는 파키스탄인과 무슬림들) 유행어와…준비된 행동The fastest (especially for Pakistanis and Muslims planning to enter the country) and most popular sayings and preparation activities

Kangaji says unto you:I might add Ilbe comments late강아지가라사대: 나중에 일베 코멘트를 붙어할 생각중이다.r.

UPDATE: Crazy Tom noticed I got sloppy in my translation for the yellow rule set and put Foreigners and illegals when it was just illegal aliens. I fixed it. Of course, the original Ilbe title w미친 Tom은 내가 번역할때 어떤 실수 봐서 내가 고쳤어요.as “5 rules for foreigners and illegals living in Korea.”


  1. kushibo

    Nice job.

    I don’t like seeing yet another group mimic groups in the United States who have been effective at achieving an outsized voice compared to their number of adherents, at the expense of the general public that suffers from the resulting dysfunction. (Korean evangelicals mimicking the success of the religious right is another one.)

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  3. Sherlock

    To quote one of my friends–an American who has lived in Europe, “Why can’t Koreans be less American and more European?”

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