Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anime Manga Society?
Participating in many events, most notably the annual Kawaii Kon, and the creation of the yearly publication of Otaku Java, the Anime Manga Society is a premiere Otaku club renowned for bringing people together to create some great events.

What do you do at the Anime Manga Society?
We hold meetings and discuss anime showings. We have showings 2 times a week. Sometimes there can be exceptions to watch live action Korean shows, Japanese shows, and/or Chinese shows. These titles are subtitled in English (Engrish). We have 3 parties each semester involving video games, cosplay, and special events. For example furry bashing, zombie apocalypse, airsoft, lazer tag, and speed hating.

What do you learn at the Anime Manga Society?
We cover a variety of genres, worlds, and topics throughout the semester. We have a membership training (MT) event. This is a 24 hour multiple event endurance party that is held once a semester.

What is Otaku Java
We publish articles and 4 panel comics in our club publication in the Fall and Spring.

Do You Have a Study Abroad Program – How can I go to Japan?
We hold joint Study-Abroad information sessions with International Exchange to get our members sent all over Japan.

Below is a clip from the anime “Genshiken” a story about a typical discussion at an Anime club after a showing.

What projects is the Anime Manga Society currently working on?
In addition to the ongoing collaboration of development with Animation Republic of Hawaii (AROH), and the National Otaku Alliance (NOA) for the spread of Otaku Urban Culture. We have groups hard at work to develop new club programs for members to enjoy.

How many students are involved in your club and activities?
The amount of students varies throughout the semesters based on their schedules. The numbers stretch from 10 members to 30 members. On average there are 20-ish.

How many days a week/month do you have some events (the schedule)?
The club meets a minimum of 2 days a week. Sometimes there are activities, events, and parties help on during the weekends.

Is it free or you charge members?
It’s free to come in and watch anime, do most events, but you need to pay to be a full member and vote on things like showings and hold officer positions. We don’t make you pay unless you want to have more perks. Please check the membership page for more info. Most members start paying after a few meetings and deciding if they like the Anime Manga Society. To gain access to all possible club activities they eventually pay for a semester or year membership.

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