02 Minutes for 16SEP2010

 AMS September 16 2010: Approximately 31 people attended Business Meeting: Introduction of what the club does JCC Party September 17 at Toma’s 8:00 ($15), separate room for drinking age and under, JCC Welcome Back Party Cosplay Event (either participating or working the booth) Lolita Hostess Bar (Contacted both lolita clubs on the island) Other Events […] Continue reading →

03 Minutes for 01OCT2010

 ¨Club Business ¨Final touches on MT ¨JCC ¨Halloween Party ¨HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival) ¨CJK Drama’s ¨New Member Welcome Party (MT) ¨Anime Series Marathon ¨Dinner ¨Billiards ¨Karaoke ¨Shopping ¨Beach Breakfast ¨More Anime/ Campus Tour ¨Shopping in Kaimuki ¨Party/ Awards ¨MT ¨Oct 8th Friday 4:00pm – Oct 9th Saturday 4:00pm ¨Cash ¨Swimwear ¨JCC ¨Friday Oct 1. […] Continue reading →

03 Minutes for 08OCT2010

 ¨Fall 2010 Meeting Outline ¨Thursdays 4:00pm – 7:00pm ¡ 4 – 5: Meeting/Discussion ¡ 5 – 6: Voted Regular Anime Showings ú Fairy Tail ep. 11-12 ú Heroman ep. 10-12 ¡6 – 7: New simulcast from Japan ú Occult Academy ep. 6 ú Mitsudomoe  ep. 6 ¨Fridays 4:00pm – 7:00pm ¡4-7pm Anime Series Marathon ¨Club […] Continue reading →