2010 Meeting Minutes for 05AUG2010

1.) Rio Fair Application was sent in August 1st; members have expressed interest in having a female present at the table
2.) Kyle is to reserve the room for the fall semester. KUY 3rd floor as first pick, Moore Hall 103 as Backup
3.) Officer Poisitions Ariel will be in Japan this semester and will not be able to perform the duties of her position. Ivan’s status as secretary is unknown.
Amanda suggested approaching past members for help with the next semester. Tom, Val, and James are all returning sempai
A suggestion was made that voting should be held in between the fall and spring since it was not held during the spring semester.
4.) Membership should be $7 per semester and $10 for a year. Membership cards are not viable and Premium membership was nixed.
5.) Fundraising Mochi sale was the most profitable event in the last 4 years; Zippys and Krispy Kreme are not effective.
Summer Trip Fundraiser Form a subcommittee within the club and make their own plans for fundraising. AMS can offer assistance in return for a small portion of the profits.
Club Mini-Convention Amanda suggested the club look into starting their own convention during the fall semester. Many conventions on the mainland have started that way.
6.) Club should vote on the purchase of a projector; renting a projector for future use is another option.
7.) Meetings will still be Thursday Friday with Fresh Fridays returning. 1st meeting will be the last week in August or the first week of September.
8.) Showings Currently taking suggestions for the first few showings for the first Thursday meeting. Recommendations for fall showings will be welcome at the first meeting and then previewed at the next meeting. Voting for titles this semester should be held during the second week.
9.) Membership training No Hawaii Brian’s since there is an age limit. It will be held at the end of September.

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