2014 Minutes

2014 Combined Club Minutes

February 13 2014 Officers Meeting
Attendees: Gavin, Ivan, Erik, Hannah, Matt, Nick, Justine, Beverly, and Tim.

Focus: We need to choose dates for our semester events.

Membership Training (24 hr welcome party) February 28-March 1st
Usual Template
Usual Meeting 4:30pm-7:00pm
Karaoke 7:30-12:00am
Break/House? 12:00am-4:00am
Freer Lounge (8th Floor)
Freshman Towers at the top (Beverley is our way up)
Wander Walmart
Zippy’s or McDonalds
Ivan’s or Matt’s place if he knows the people
Note: Nam’s place is smaller and father away now.
Ala Moana Beach (4:30am-7am)
7:00am Ala Moana
Aiea? Lunch 12:00pm to 2:00pm? (Wherever we end up at)
2:30pm to end Laser Tag or Mini Q or Bowling or Ice Skating
Note: There is some consideration of dividing the event into 2 pieces.

Girls Day (March 14 – Pie Day and White Day = White Girl’s Pie Day )
Hannah, Carla, and Reina will get together and plan it.

End of Semester Party (May 3rd)
Potlatch Party
Sign up sheet
Drinks (5 people), Snacks (4 people), Food (Meat) [5-6 people], Dessert (3 people)

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser (week after Kawaii Kon, Wednesday April 9th)

Kawaii Kon (April 4-6) and Honolulu Fest (3/7) have been taken care of.

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