2013 Minutes

2013 Combined Minutes

Anime Manga Society February 5 2013 Officers Meeting:
Attendance: Gavin, Will (via Skype), Russell, Ivan, Erik, David, Ryan, Matt, Reina, Nico

Review of Last Semester: Fall12
New Membership Welcome party
Some didn’t appreciate waiting for a long time at Toma’s karaoke for a room to open.
Many people dropped out in the last party.
Last semester’s party was not meant to be 24 hours.
Previously there were issues with 1) transportation, 2) safety
We might want to limit the party to 16-18 hours.
Possibly we should have an incentive for people to remain with the group party
We could make an allowance for a raffle (maybe for a Kawaii Kon pass) if members stay the entire time or if they score high enough by doing activities.
Maybe we could score them secretly on certain aspects of the party.
Participation is probably more important than how “well” they do activities.
We could try to rent a room on campus ($115 an hr at night, over $1000 for a night) – this is not viable
We might be able to rent a room at Toma 2 weeks in advance.
Nippon Cultural Day
We got a lot of signups for the club from going to this event.
It occurs in October (Fall Semester).
It is also one of the few times we see Ogawa Sensei (our advisor)
We did a cosplay booth (and may do so again)
We can plan more for it (and for more cosplay) over the summer
Halloween Party
“The tsunami was awesome.”
Our event clashed only once in the past with Toys n Joys.
More detailed planning to occur in the summer
End of Semester/ Christmas Party
We did not have anything last semester
It was a small karaoke party.
We could plan for this over spring break.
Winter semester parties should take into account that many people leave after exams to go home.
This semester the party will planned for in March and will try to have the party maybe 2 weeks before finals. However there are some concerns as to who will be busy studying or doing projects.
The Friday before finals we can’t rent our regular rooms.
But we may be able to get Campus Center Rooms.
Other events
Did not have enough money to have many.
To get outside funding we have to present a plan 2 months in advance and must be presented within the semester for the event. Activities Council meets every Monday to consider activities for that month.

Membership Fees
29 Members
Snack Shop
$116 Gross total
$11 Net Total (-$100 repayment to General Fund, – $5 Club General Fund commission)
Fundraising (None)
General Fund
Funds – $289
Start of Semester – $100.00
Additions – $535.00
Membership fees – $370.00
Membership training – $60.00
Shop Reimbursement – $100.00
Shop Commission – $5.00
End of Semester – $289.00
Costs – $346.00
Snack Shop – $100.00
Halloween Party – $189.00
Crunchyroll Account – $50.00
Nippon Cultural Day (batteries) – $7.00
Emergency funds – $100.00 min.
We currently have $189
Logistics Inventory
Banner – Nico has it
A new banner could cost $250 or so. We do need vinyl.
We will reuse the old banner with some cosmetic changes.
Nothing new – still a lot of junks.

This Semester: Spring13
Thursday; KUY 305 4:30pm – 7:00pm
Cyborg 009
Kuroko no Basket
Hanasaku Iroha
Friday’s; KUY 305 4:30pm – 7:00pm
Psycho Pass
New Member Welcome Party (24MT)
We are not sure when to schedule it this semester.
Possibly in 2 weeks, we could tie the event into the cosplay café on Feb 15 (for the café we are budgeted only $100 or so)
Food needs to be ordered 1 week early and paid 3 days in advance. It will probably be from Hakubundo.
We should reserve Toma’s by next week Friday. 9-12.
We have not advertised yet (expecting 30 people at the karaoke)
We will give whoever stays up Kawaii Kon passes.
Because Kawaii Kon has been moved up a month we lost a lot of planning time (Spring Break) and now after KK we are somewhat drained of resources.
Events: karaoke, sleep/Frear videogames, Kaimuki Shopping, After Party and Award Ceremony
Valentine’s Day
We are going to have the cosplay cafe and New Members Party
Krispey Kreme Fundraiser is going to be on Valentine’s Day
No real Valentine’s Day Party
Girls Day
Female focused party
Men can attend but have to be polite
Reina will talk to Carla about planning the party.
The other girls should be included in the planning.
We may need the spring break to plan.
It may be better to push the Girl’s Day party after Kawaii Kon, March 22.
Kawaii Kon; Mar 15 – 17 (Fri – Thurs)
Passes list due Feb 16th
Ama will be there as well.
We have an AMS slideshow. That we should show so that people can see that we do things. Ivan will find it.
Maybe we should do reviews of the anime we watch (one for and one against). The example from Adam is that they had moe vs anti-moe. Members should write this well, intelligently and with logical arguments.
Currently it seems like a good idea to continue our karaoke Kawaii Kon relationship.
The Officers who need passes: at least 5. Maybe 6.
We have about 5 KK passes to give out.
Kawaii Kon has a change of name form for registration.
We will announce KawaiiKon tickets sales this week and start collecting money next week.
JCC will be talking to their membership if they want to purchase our discounted passes (we will sell to them at $38).
The AMS fees are $10 a year and $15 returning for a year.
The JCC is $10 new and $5 returning for each semester.
AMS discount price is $36.
This is a member benefit and JCC and AMS have had a close relationship (once we had combined membership fees). We are not scalping tickets.
February 27 – there is a paper architectural event of some sort. .
Krispy Kreme/Bake Sale; Feb 14 (Thurs)
Cosplay Café; Feb 15 (Fri)
Currently 5 as guests
20 people as servers
$6 a plate right now.
Kawaii Kon Karaoke Prelims
Jan 13
Feb 24
Mar 10
We won’t know till 20 days before if we will have Orvis Auditorium.
It is suggested that we should reserve the art auditorium now, just in case we don’t get Orvis.
We think Kawaii Kon really wants to stop doing prelims at the convention.
Other events will be discussed later.
Other Business

Movie Event: Feb 23
Anime Japanese stock phrase guide

Otaku Anime catch phrases & uses – kindle downloadable
Phrase Book – In the officers production, Excel file Book Production – it has a production schedule. He needs someone who is going to be on Thursday and Friday to give the worksheet out to everyone there.
We should assign supervisors (onsite editors) who will be making sure enough people are making enough entries so that by Monday we only have to do 2 entries a day.
Copyright – Nico will make a character (our website one) in cosplay to show the entry.
Reina will be doing the sign up sheet on Thursday and Friday. She is very excited.
What qualifies as a catchphrase – “a character is famous for” just throw phrases at Will for now.
Currently we have 6 and we want at least 100.
It may be useful to delete the anime reference section of the guidebook since we will be using our own art and will be cutting down on the data usage.
Thursday After the meeting Will will release a bunch of files pertinent to this topic.
Otaku Java Evolution
Otaku Java may be more useful as an internet blog instead of a print. We could try to make money from advertisements off of the blog.
We have a blog right now and could try to expand it. We have had a UK company ask to promote something on our blog before. There are at least three of us here that want to be dedicated bloggers (Reina, Russell, and Matt for those here and others not here have indicated previous interest.)
We would want to update the blog at least once a week (so for each individual perhaps once every two weeks or so).
Will would want to teleconference (Skype) with all the people who want to be involved with this. People are trading skype addresses now.
Some other company (with K drama) has sent us an email that we would discuss next time.
Game Room
It is also mentioned that the game room would be very welcome (and may help a lot with membership). A lot of members want games to come back. Also the card game people are loud. The international students have the room next to us, but, the room across from us seems to be empty.
Tournaments might be good for fun (or not), but, we don’t really want to give a prize.
We could theme the game room for particular games. The big rooms might be able to accommodate both videos and games. A single big room might be preferable to two small rooms.
David will put in for Kuy 307 and for an Architecture (March 10) room.
Next Officers Meeting
Everything else may be discussed at the next officers meeting.
Next Officers Meeting should be in March after Kawaii Kon

AMS November 14 2013:

Approximately 19 people attended (16 males, 3 females)


Thanksgiving Party Nov 29

Christmas/End of Semester Party Dec 6


Watamote Episode 7 and 8

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 4

Kuroko no Basket Second Season Episode 4

Killa Kill Episode 4

AMS November 15 2013:

Approximately 30 people attended (21 males, 9 females)

The new Blazeblue game could be played across the hall in 302.


Thanksgiving Party Nov 29

Christmas/End of Semester Party Dec 6


Attack on Titan 5 and 6

Valvrave Episode 7 and 8

Blazeblue Episode 4

Coppelion Episode 4

RWBY Episode 16

Note: The next Log Horizon (for Friday showings) to be shown is Episode 3

Note: Secretary was selected for Jury Duty and may be late to all meetings till December.

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