2010 Spring Minutes

AMS Secretary Reports Jan-Feb 2010

AMS January 28 2010
Hellsing OAV 07
Dokuro Angel episode 1
AMS February 4 2010:
Event Reminder: JET event tommorrow,
Event: Next Week Tuesday and Wednesday 10:30-1:00 PM
There will be an advertisement table at the Student Center.
Listed Volunteers: Alex
On Wednesday the President will be there with food and a video game system.
Need flyers
On the Facebook Page: There is information for the “Membership Training”
A 24-hour event for the old members to get to know the new members.
10 of the attendees indicated that they would like to attend the training.
Otaku Java: The Club Publication
Material is needed for this semester’s Otaku Java. More discussion later.

Event Suggestion: Bad Movie Night
It is described as a “Mystery Science Theater thing”.
This would like Friday afternoons as a once a month event.
Kawaii Kon Table: There is an offer for the ACM to use the AMS’s table.
Showing Nominations
Two were suggested: Hyakko and Moyashimon
It was decided that we can watch one episode of each of the series.
Toaru Majutsu no Index, episode 1
Hyakko, episode 1
Moyashimon episode 1
AMS February 11, 2010
Membership Training.
For full details see the Facebook Page.
First two reporting stations (3:00-600):
Hemingway Hall 212 – Punishment games (Batsu) with SCIO
Sinclair Learning Arena 1 – Learn about culture shock.
Mission 3 (3:30-4:30): Hemingway Hall 211 – Learn about anime club history through Genshiken showings and talk from sempai.
Off Campus Training (4:30pm-8:00am)
Mission 4: CJ Ramen, Toma’s Karaoke (9:00-ish till Midnight)
Hawaiian Bryan’s Secret activities (learn the secrets of the club),
Coffee at 3:00 in the morning
Secret activities and walking tour.
Morning Return to Campus (8:00am-12:00pm):
Mission 5: Endurance Training at Bilger Hall 150
AMS Party (12:00-4:30pm):
Mission 6: Congratulations Ceremony and Party
Note: CrunchyRoll has offered the club a free account.
Note: For those members who paid membership dues, as the club hosts the Kawaii-kon karaoke contest, we are getting discounts passes to Kawaii-kom.

Thursday Showing Nominations (seconds for require) for Showings:
Moyashimon (anti-nominated, no second, failed)
Hyakko (anti-nominated, 5 votes, failed)
Blade of the Immortal (anti-nominated, 11 votes, pass)
Spice and Wolf season 2 (anti-nominated, 9 votes, pass)
Black Lagoon 2nd Barrage
East of Eden
Jojo (as special showing)
No series previously used as a showing can be nominated.
Anti-nominations: Requires a second, it calls to remove a series from the list. The anti-nominators give their reasons and the supporters of the show get to defend)
Everyone has 2 votes. If a short series is selected we will choose a new showing after the selected showing ends (so those who are still active during the middle of the semester can choose what they want).

Thursday Showing Voting, First Round
Moyashimon – 8 votes
Hyakko – 1
Black Lagoon 2nd Barrage – 7
East of Eden – 7
Baccano – 2
Kuroshitsuji – 3
Higepyo – 6 (as it is a short ten minute show it is now the break show)
Jojo (movie as special showing)
Thursday Showing Voting, Second Round
Moyashimon – (Guaranteed)
Black Lagoon 2nd Barrage – 7
East of Eden – 9
Higepyo – (break showing)
The show that loses this round voting is pushed as a later showing for this week.

Thursday Showing Results
East of Eden
Higepyo (Break Show)
Black Lagoon Second Barrage, episode 1
Moyashimon, episode 2.
East of Eden episode 1
AMS February 18, 2010
Nominations for New Officers this Semester
President: Will
Vice President: GavinSecretary: Ariel, Ivan
RIO Representative: Hoku (withdrawn due to ineligibility, given Provisional status)
Communication Officer: Martin
Treasurer: Albert
Librarian: Kyle, Josh
Lifetime Positions:
Amanda is the Overloard
Will is the Chairman
If there are any more nominations, please post them to the Facebook page.
Discussion on Girls Day Event
Further information will be available on the Facebook page.
Water Wars Event
Further information will be available on the Facebook page.
Otaku Java Discussion
We are having an Otaku Java (the club publication) workshop next week Saturday at Hemenway Hall 215, at 10:00-1:00.

The Abridged Gantz
The Abridged Air the Last Airbender
Moyashimon, episode 3 and 4
Higepiyo, episode 1
East of Eden, episode 2 and 3
AMS February 23, 2010
The Brotherhood of War (several beginning chapters)
Long Vacation, episode 3.
AMS February 25, 2010
Election Results for New Officers this Semester
President: Will
Vice President: GavinSecretary: Ivan (Ariel is Assisstant Secretary)
RIO Representative: Hoku (withdrawn due to ineligibility, given Provisional status)
Communication Officer: Martin
Treasurer: Albert
Librarian: Josh
Lifetime Positions:
Amanda is the Overloard
Will is the Chairman
Upcoming Events Reminder:
Sunday Art Auditorium 132 2:00 Karaoke contest
Saturday 12:00 Alomoana beach park to meet with foreign students
Friday Moore 119 5:00pm, AMS/JASH meeting with 7:00 Karaoke

Moyashimon, episode 5 and 6
Higepiyo, episode 2
East of Eden, episode 4 and 5
AMS March 4 2010
No club activities this Friday.
March 12 will be Bad Movie Night.
The Girls Day Event is on this coming Saturday.
Keller 301, 302, 303 from 3:30pm-10:00pm
The Girls Event is in 401. The Otaku Java in 402, and videogames in 403.Otaku Java attendees: Please bring copies of what artwork or literature you would like to have in Otaku Java or just to have on the Kawaii Kon table.
Water Wars Update: Still scouting for a park to use.

The current officers are in the process of filling out the administrative (UH) forms.
Note: Eternally, Ama is the Overlord and Will is the Chairman
New Officer Divisions (See website for more information)

There is a new Administration system.
The Administration Section
Long-term Planning – Will
Short-term Planning – Gavin
The Commo (Communication)
Finance Section (Albert)
Events Section
Diplo (Diplomat Section)
RIO Liaison/Diplo (Head of Interclub Relations) – Kyle
Liaison (General) – Alex
Liaison Ryukyus (Okinawa) – Tom
Liaison JCC – Ben
Liaison SCIO – Justine
Liaison International Coffee Hour/West Oahu – Jayson Chun
Govenor of KCC – Dawn.
The Website has been updated.

Regular club meetings are now on Tuesdays (Moore 117: 5:00-8:00) and Thursdays (Moore 118: 3:30-7:00)
The Second Kawaii Kon Karaoke Preliminary Contest will be held on the 28th of March at Orbus Auditorium from 6:00-9:30pm.
Moyashimon, episode 7 and 8
Higepiyo, episode 3
Eden of the East, episode 6 and 7

AMS Officers Meeting March 4 2010
President Will briefed officers on the restructuring of club officer duties.

See Facebook page for diagram of new officer structure.

Each Section Head is to make a powerpoint slide for each week detailing what their section has done in the past week. Slides should be submitted to AMS@Hawaii.edu
AMS Sections:
Administration (Long Term Planning): Will
Administration (Short Term Planning): Gavin
Meeting Minutes: Ivan
Events: Event Coordinators (whoever they may be at the time)
Communication (Commo): Martin
Finance: Albert
Diplomacy (Diplo): Alex
Library: Josh

Event Planning
Girls Day Event/Otaku Java Meeting/Party:
March 6th 3:00pm-10:00pm
Keller Hall 401: Girls Day Event (Leader: Carla; Assistant: Jessica)
Alex will bring the projector. Carla will bring showings.
Keller Hall 402: Otaku Java Meeting (Leader: Eric; Assistant: Martin)
Keller Hall 403: Videogame Party (Leaders: Alex and Gavin)
Send Gavin a list of potluck foods
General Announcements should be made through Martin and the mailing list

Water Wars Update:
Still researching venues
Partner clubs wil be contacted after a venue is selected.
The event will be competitive.
Volunteers will be needed.

Kawaii Kon 2010 Karaoke Event:
Note: Need a list for those who want Kawaii Kon tickets.
Location: Orvis Hall
Date: 3/28/2010
Need security for projector and microphone.
Need a projector, laptop, and audio cables.
Communication Section will need to make and distribute flyers.

Kawaii Kon 2010 Panels:
Currently it seems the club will have three panels.
1) Jason’s Panel
2) The Voice Acting Panel
3) North Korean Manga Panel

Kawaii Kon 2010 Booth:
There are manning issues that will be further discussed later.
Otaku Java is in production and distribution should proceed.
The making of another “Ghetto DDR” is being considered.

Bad Movie Night:
Next Friday (March 12) at Hemingway Hall 211.
Hoku will be running the event.
Flyers for the event need to be printed and distributed.

Administration Section Report and Future Duties
Currently, new members are being trained.
Should work with “Commo” to develop a communication tree.
Develop a database from membership applications.
Work with Event Coordinators to reserve rooms.
Work with Commo to get Event Information onto the website
Compile list of Kawaii Kon attendees

Communication (“Commo”) Departmenr Duties
Every Sunday post Tuesday meeting information
Every Thursday post Thursday meeting information
Every Wednesday post Friday meeting information
Make a dedicated flyer production/distribution team

Finance Section Duties:
Prepare for fundraiser
Prepare for transfer of bank account powers
Prepare for taxes
Officers to get bank cards: Gavin and Albert

Library Section Duties
Library Updates
Run Showings at Club Meetings
Seek submissions/donations to club library
Josh will train Kyle in librarian duties

Diplomacy (“Diplo”) Section Duties:
Report on Liaison Activities
Consider Expansion Opportunities
Otaku Java 2010 First Meeting: March 6, 2010

General Announcements:
A new “heavy duty” stapler has been purchased
For those involved with Otaku Java, please submit a schedule of times when you believe you will be either unavailable to participate in publishing matters (i.e. busy from miderms, off island, etc.).
The second Otaku Java Workshop will probably be on a Thursday. Check Facebook for further information.

Timeline of Publication Process
March 16: Final Article Submission Deadline
March 20-31: Article Editing.
April 1-11: Publishing (printing)
April 16-18: Kawaii Kon 2010 and Otaku Java Distribution

Otaku Java Assignments:
AMS Events: Gavin
Wasada Translations: Alex
Cover Art (Front): Kyle
Cover Art (Front Inside): Hoku
Back Cover Art: Ama
Featured Artists: Chris Hicks, Hoku, Kely
Article Writers: Hoku, Russell

Information About Publications Space Limitations
It will be the “small version”
20 pages total.
Articles Should be single spaced.
More information available on Facebook.

AMS March 9, 2010
Operetta Tanuki Goken (“Racoon Princess”), a Japanese live action move
Long Vacation, episode 3 and 4
AMS March 11, 2010

Water Wars – field status “pending on paper work”
Club relations
Athletics, Animation – pending
Membership database – pending (who has the applications)
Kawaii Kon Tables
AMS is at table 9
SCIO is at table 20B
Ivan is at table 13B
Gavin wants a sign up list for those who will man the AMS booth
Toylynx (store)
If we plug them they will give us stuff
Commo Update
Jessica and Will will compile e-mails
Everyone getting Facebook messages – except the administrators
Flyer team – informally set right now, it will be formalized later
More information for flyer team discussion will be on facebook.
Note, if supplies for the flyers are needed requisition Will
Events Update
Friday March 12: Bad Movie Night Hemenway Hall 211 5:00-8:00
Sunday March 28:Kawaii-kon Prelinimaries 2 Orvis Auditorium 6:00-9:30pm
Watewars – pending
Events with High School clubs – pending
Kawaii Kon April 16-18, at Hawaii Convention Center.
Diplo Update
Should have a head of Diplo
They “bribed” (a pocky) Justine to be the head
The person who does all the spying is Will
Will will probably be the head of Diplo
Report on SCIO, JCC, Coffe Hour/UCHAT, and NICE/HELP

NO NO. THE AMS never engaged in spying or bribery.
Finance Update
See Will for more information.

Moyasimon, episodes 9, 10, and 11 (final episode of series)
Eden of the East, episode 8 and 9

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