2011 Minutes

2011 Spring AMS Meeting Minutes Compilation:
AMS January 20 2011
Business Meeting:
Membership Fees for New & Returning AMS Club Members
Memberships: Guest, Member ( Semester, Yearly),
Guest: Free. Can come to AMS Events, Showings, and Parties
Semester: $7 Membership Fee. Can come to AMS Event’s, Showings, & Parties. Eligible for being selected as club officers. Eligible for voting on Club Activities, Anime Showings & for Officers.
Yearly: $10 membership fee. Same as above.
Exclusive $15 semester Membership Fee. Same as Members + Free AMS Club T-Shirt.
Note: New Semester Kouhai members get MT reimbursed for completing full 24hr training with receipts.
Opening Movie Night – Feb
Valentines Day party – Feb
Girls Day party – Mar
New Members Welcome Party – Mar
End of Semester/ Graduation Party – April
Cosplay Laser Tag
Water Wars
Bad Movie Night
Cosplay Airsoft
Bad Movie Night
Kawaii Kon Karaoke Prelims & KK – April/May
KK Karaoke Prelims
Feb 6
March 20
Kawaii Kon: Hawaii’s premier Anime Convention
April 29 – May 1
Manoa Experience Day
Sat Jan 29 9:00am – 2:00pm
Voting for Thursday Semester Showings:
Crunchyroll Choice: Mitsudomoe 2
Any Type Anime Choice Voting: Second Round Voting
Star Driver (8)
Eyeshield 21 (3)
Gintama (11)
Trinity Blood (4)
Wakfu (4)
D.Gray Man (12)
Baccano! (13)
Thursday Showings will be Mitsudomoe Season 2, D Gray Man, and Baccano!

AMS January 21, 2011
Approximately 36 people attended the meeting (11 females, 25 males).
Business Meeting:
Next week for the RIO fair the Medieval Weapon’s club president proposes to have our tables next to each other.
Officer introductions
Note: Diplo is currently open.
Semester Meeting Times
Meetings are held in Kuykendal 210 except Holidays and Breaks
Thursday 4-5 Buisness, 5-8 Anime
Mitsudomoe 2
D Grey Man
Membership Fee’s are explained.
Membership Fees for New & Returning AMS Club Members
Memberships: Guest, Member ( Semester, Yearly),
Guest: Free. Can come to AMS Events, Showings, and Parties
Semester: $7 Membership Fee. Can come to AMS Event’s, Showings, & Parties. Eligible for being selected as club officers. Eligible for voting on Club Activities, Anime Showings & for Officers.
Yearly: $10 membership fee. Same as above.
Exclusive $15 semester Membership Fee. Same as Members + Free AMS Club T-Shirt.
New Semester Kouhai members get MT reimbursed for completing full 24hr training with receipts.
Spring Events
Opening Movie Night – Feb
Valentines Day Party (Guys) – Feb
Girls Day Party (March) – March
New Members welccome Party (March)
End of Semester Graduation Party – April (Hotel party at same time as Kawaii Kon)
Cosplay Laser Tag
Water Wars
Bad Movie Night
Nominations – Talk to Hoku
Cosplay Airsoft
Kawaii Kon Karaoke Preliminaries
Feb 6
March 20
April ?
Kawaii Kon (April29-May1)
RIO recruitment Fair next Friday10:00 am-1:30 at Campus center
Manoa Experience Day, Sat Jan 29 9:00-noon (between Hawaii Hall and Hamilton)
Definite = 5
There are a lot of maybes
Honolulu Festival May 12-13, Cosplay Café run by Dr. Chun
Voting for Regular Friday Semester Showings:
We are no longer doing anti-nominations in the voting process
Anime Selection Part 1: Crunchyroll and Other
Each Person has two votes. One Vote per anime (no double voting)
Beelzebub – 7
Gosick – 22
Rio – rainbow gate (heart of the cards with poker)– 0
Dragon Crisis – 15
Cardfight!! Vanguard – 0
Level E – 0
Kore wa Zombie duse ka? – 4
Other Means
Freezing – 0
IS: Infinite Stratos – 0
Yumekui Merry – 0
Onii-chan no koto naka zenzen suki janain dakara ne! – 1
Fractale – 6
Anime Selection Part 2: Any Type Showings
Fairy Tail – 0
My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute – 6
Star Driver – 6
Otome Youkai Zakuro – 0
The World Only God Knows – 1
Bakuman – 0
Panty and Stocking with Garter Belt – 3
MM! – 0
Trinity Blood – 4
Wakfu – 0
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – 1
Working – 0
Dulalala! – 8
Michiko no Hatchin – 1
Mega XLR – 5
Jellyfish Princess –1
Pokemon: Black and White – 1
Kanon 2006 – 1
Yu Yu Hakusho – 5
Eyeshield 21 – 1
Eureka Seven – 0
Hitman Reborn – 4
High School of the Dead – 1
Hunter x Hunter – 2
Macross Frontier – 0
The Sacred Black Smith – 0
Gintama – 8
Lucky Star – 0
Angel Beats – 7
Coyote Ragtime –11
Escaflowne – 0
Outlaw Star – 0
Mysterious City of Gold – 3
Zeta Gundam – 2
Demashita Powerpuff Z – 0
Darker than Black 2 – 6
Sonic X – 1
Second Round Voting for Any Anime Showing (1 vote per person)
My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute – 5
Star Driver – 5
Trinity Blood – 0
Dulalala! – 4
Mega XLR – 3
Yu Yu Hakusho – 4
Hitman Reborn – 1
Gintama – 11
Angel Beats – 12
Coyote Ragtime – 10
Darker than Black 2 – 4
Friday Showings will be GoSick, Gintama, and Angel Beats.
There is a suggestion to put Coyote Ragtime on Thursday to balance out Baccano.
Therefore both Gintama and Angel Beats passes as showings.
VP Kyle will be in charge of showings on Friday.
Zombie High School (Kore wa Zombie desu ka) Episode 1
Coyote Ragtime Show Episode 1
Angel Beats Episode 1
GoSick Episode 1
Dragon Crisis Episode 1
Trinity Blood Episodes 1 and 3 (2 was skipped)
Game Room: Super Smash Brothers and Naruto Shippuden.
AMS January 27 2011:
Approximately 29 people attended (9 females, 20 males)
Axis Powers Hetalia Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4.
3 D Grey Man Episodes 1, 2, 3.
1 Mitsudomoe Episode 2
Coyote Ragtime Episode 2
Baccano! Episode 2 and 3
Ayakashi Bakeneko Episodes 1 and 2

AMS January 28 2011:
Secretary did not attend meeting.

AMS February 4 2011:
Approximately 38 people attended (11 females, 27 males)
Food was provided: chicken, chips, cookies, muffins, and drinks.
Business Meeting:
Happy Super Bowl Weekend and Chinese New Year.
Introduction of the club for new members.
Friday Showings
Angel Beats
Officers Introduction
Martin Strom (Otaku Java Editor) leaves in March
There are two Librarian Assisstants – Stacy and possibly someone else
Types of Memberships (Free and Paid Types)
Meeting Dates and Times
Club Events
Valentines Day Feb 18
Movie Night Feb 19
Girls Day/White Day March 19th
New Members Welcome Party March 24/25
Kawaii Kon April and May
Events in the Works:
Cosplay Laser Tag
Water Wars
Bad Movie Night
Cosplay Airsoft
Joint Manoa Medieval Combat Club Event
Joint SCIO Event
Joint JCC Event
Joint Late Night Event
KK Karaoke Preliminaries
Feb 6 and March 20 and April???
Orvis Auditorium
Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Workshop
AMS also count as JCC members
Feb 12 11:00-2:00pm
Moore Hall 151
$10 Fee (comes with lunch)
Honolulu Festival May 12-15th we are being asked to do a coplay café
We have a member from the Go association here: Greg
The Go Association is going to have an event: Tournament at Palolo Hongwanji
Feb 19 at 10:00am
With Student ID it is $10 fee.
There is a go club at the Ward Borders every Saturday from 10:00am
Assorted You Tube Clips
The Switch
Geass Twist Episode 2
Team Four Star videos
GoSick Episodes 4 and 5
Gintama Episodes 3 and 4
Angel Beats Episodes 4, 5, and 6.
Game Room: Youtube clips, Akisuzi Cha Cha Episodes; and Street Fighter and Super Smash Brothers.

AMS February 10 2011:
Approximately 29 people attended (8 females, 21 males).
Coyote Ragtime Episode 2
D Grey Man Episodes 9, 10, 11, and 12
Baccano! Episode 4
Note: After the regular showings there was time left over and VP EJ took a vote on what to watch – she decided on extra D Grey Man episodes.
Game Room: Laptop with assorted games, Marvel vs Capcom (PS3) and Super Smash Brothers.

AMS February 11 2011:
Approximately 44 people attended (12 females, 32 males)
We have food and drinks.
Business Meeting:
Introduction Slides
We caught up on GoSick so we are watching the episode that came out in Japan today
Officers, Fees, Events, Alumni Council
Note: During Manoa Green Days will have meetings in POST
The first Karaoke Preliminary has pasted (but none of our members got in)
NEW BUSINESS: Nick (the President of the Medieval Weapon’s club) is now the Diplo
Hoku is in charge of getting bad Korean showings for the Membership Training
New Events: Saturday Feb 12th 2:00-4:30 Officer Meeting at Kennedy Hall
Reminder Sat Feb 19 at 9:00am, Hawaii Kiin Go Tournament
Palolo Hongwanji
Entrance Fee $15 ($10 for students) includes lunch and drinks
There will be four rounds
There is also a weekly Saturday club at Ward Borders
Hawaii Five 0 Event = Monday (Feb 21 and 28) in the Frear Gameroom @ (pm
International Youth Exchange (March 5th), Registration 9:30-10:00
(Doors close at 10:00 it is a few hours long. Frear Confrence Room 12th floor)
Go Demonstration at Liliha Library by the Honolulu Go Club: March 16 from 3:00-4:30 pm
JCC End of Semester Party (Friday April 29th, Ala Moana, 21+ Big Romm, 20- other room)
The Joint AMS/MWC Event: Wednesday After Kawaii Kon from 9:00pm-2:00am
The Alumnai Council (added last week) – created Dec 31, 2010 as a sempai network to support the long term future of the club. They have sempai attendance at meetings, consulting, participation, fundraising, and grants.
Chairman: Will Massey (North Carolina)
Baltimore Branch: Alexander Harris
Honolulu Branch: Jessica St. Clair
Tyler Nishikawa with Shaun and Albert as consultants will post the club balance sheet once a month, at least once a semester a bank statement or excel spreadsheet should be sent tot eh officer email.
Gavin will coordinate with Will to set up a club Paypal account.
Ivan Tracks Executed events
Slide of Council Pro-Tips
The club needs more Otaku Java content.
NOTE: The Valentines Day Party is being moved back to t Feb 26.
Kaizoku Sentai GoKaiger Promo 2
Sakura Con 2010 “I Don’t want to go to Toronto”
Azumanga Daioh I Like Little Girls
Charlie the Unicorn Episodes 1 and 3
GoSick episode 6.
Gintama Episode 5, 6, and 7
Angel Beats Episodes 7 and 8.

AMS February 17 2011:
Approximately 27 people attended (5 females, 22 males).
Mitsudomoe 2 Episode 5
D Grey Man Episodes 12, 13, and 14
Coyote Ragtime Episode 5
Baccano! Episode 5
My Lord and Me Episode 7 (One Minute Theater)
Sokka on Cactus Juice
Avatar Short – Swamp Skiing
School time shipping
Zuzu’s Date
Gantz Abridge 01 (Rated R, we asked if there was anybody under 18)
Gintama Sucks My Balls
Shaolin Versus Buddha
100 V 1 Japanese Prank
Don’t Call Yugi Wack
Team 4 Star Video
My Lord and Me Episode 8 (1 Minute Theater)
My Lord and Me Episode 9 (1 Minute Theater)
There has been some complaints of noise in the hallway (note, for now we only have one room reserved, the game room will not be reserved for a couple of days). If we are too loud the other people in the building have been told to call security on us.
The game room will be in 213 on Thursday and 209 on Fridays.
Do not enter the rooms with alarm warnings on it, if we keep bothering the IT department we may lose room privileges for our club.
Nico is “the Game Master”.
AMS February 18 2011:
Approximately 48 people attended (15 females and 33 males)
There is food (chicken, doughnuts, and cookies).
Business Meeting
Introduction slides
Meeting Times (4:00-8:00 Thursday and Fridays) and Showings
Showings: Kuykendal 210 every Thursday and Friday
Game Room: Kuykendal 213 on Thursday and 209 on Friday
Membership Fees
Reminder: Membership fees are due during the Membership Training Event in March (and if a person lasts the entire training and has a receipt they get refunded costs for the event)
Opening Movie Night – Feb 19 Holmes Hall
Valentines Day Party– Unknown
Girls Day Party – March 19 Saturday, POST Building
New Members Welcome Party – March 25-26
End of Semester Graduation Party – April 30
Other Events
Cosplay Laser Tag – March
Water Wars – Unknown
Bad Movie Night – March 12th
Cosplay Airsoft – Unknown
Kawaii Kon Karaoke Preliminaries (March 20, Orvis Auditorium; and April)
Hawaii Kiin Go Tournament (Saturday Feb 19, 9:00am; $10 for students)
AMS First Night (Opening Movie Night listed above)
Hawaii 5-0 Party (Monday, 21 or 28, Frear Game Room at 9pm)
International Youth Exchange (March 5th, be there 9:30am, Frear Hall)
Officer Meeting on March 5th
Go Demonstration at Liliha Library (March 16th, 3:00pm)
JCC Movie and Nijikai (March 18, 4:30-7:30pm, He Is Turning Japanese and karaoke)
JCC Semester Party (April 29th, Ala Moana Hotel)
Joint Club Events (to be discussed later)
Honolulu Festival May 12-13Cosplay Event
Job Opportunities (from JCC)
3/12 (Big Brother Big Sister) from 8:30 to 12:30. Starts at Waikiki Hotel and ends at DFS Galleria) Pay is $12-15. Email name, phone #, and email to Jun Furukawa (jun@sci-hawaii.com). They want English speakers (proper English). There will be bus riding and walking. Don’t tell the student’s you are being paid to talk to them. The routes will be assigned to you there. The students are usually low level English speakers and may respond to body language more than your words. Email Jun one week before the day to reconfirm availability.
Carla gave a “Girl’s Day Presentation” going over some standards for showings.
The Valentine’s Day Party potential showings list includes: Fist of the North Star, Black Lagoon (episodes 1-3), Dragon Ball (1-2 episodes), S-CRYD (1 or 2 episodes), Gundam (possibly G, the Russia fight), Cowboy Beebop, Old Mecha anime (2 in an hour long block), Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Hajime no Ippo (vs American). Further details for this event can be found on Facebook. See Nick and Hoku for further details.
Youtube clips by request
GoSick Episode 7.
Gintama Episode 8, 9, and 10
We are watching Angel Beats Episode 9 and 10
The Game Room: Marvel vs Capcom 3, a lapto, and Super Smash Brothers
Game Room Showings for Kyo Kara Maoh! Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4
AMS February 24, 2011:
Approximately 24 people attended (5 females, 19 males).
Mitsudomoe 2 Episode 6
D Grey Man Episodes 15, 16, 17, and 18
Coyote Ragtime Episode 6
Baccano Episode 6 and 7
AMS February 25 2011:
Approximately 52 people attended (17 females, 35 males).
Instead of a regular meeting tody we are having the Valentine’s Day party.
Business Meeting
We are having the Valentines Day/Boys Party
Nick and Hoku are running the party
We have limited chocolates
March 12 will have two events – Honolulu Festival and Bad Movie Night
Hoonolulu Festival Shifts (See Gavin for detals)
Saturday 9-1:30 and 1-5:30
Sunday 9:00-12 and 11:30-3:30
Party Showings
Youtube Videos (e.g. Apocalypse Meow and Dissidia Real Men, My anime girlfriend)
Shower Products for Men (Sueeve, on Youtube)
The Return of Magnanimus
Black Lagoon
G Gundam (in English with subs, Canada fight)
Dragon Ball Z
Dexters Lab (English)
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures (English withs subs)
Venture Bros
Gurren Laggen (Final Episode)
There are two free raffle giveaways.
The Game Room has Hulk Versus Wolverine the Movie and Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Smash Brothers
AMS March 3 2011:
Approximately 29 people attended (6 females and 23 males).
The next two club events will be in Post 126 and 127.
The Girls Day Party March 19, 5-9om
The Bad Movie Night March 12, 6-0pm
Mitsudomoe 2 Episode 7
Coyote Rag Time Episode 7
Baccano! Episode 8
D Grey Man 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23
The Game room has Super Smash Brothers and Marvel vs Capcom 3
President’s Message: “20 pieces of chicken is not enough…”
AMS March 4 2011:
Approximately 44 attended (6 females; 38 males)
We have had food nearly every meeting for this semester.
Business Meeting
Introductory Slides
Bad Movie Night Troll 2 (March 12, POST 126-127, 6-9pm)
New Members Welcome Party (March 25-26, POST 126-127, 5-9pm)
End of Semester Graduation Party (April 30)
Kawaii Kon (April/March)
Kawaii Kon Karaoke
International Youth Exchange (March 5)
Honolulu Festival (March 12-13, talk to Gavin, 2 shifts each day)
Go Club Demonstration (Liliha Library March 16)
Officer Meeting: March 5th 2:30-5:00 pm, at President’s Place (Gavin) to discuss events. Call Gavin for directions, or there will be a ride given by Gavin at Orvus Auditorium tomorrow morning.
You Tube Clips (e.g. Persona 4 comics)
Go Sick Episodes 8 and 9
Gintama Episodes 11 and 12
Angel Beats 11, 12, 13, epilogue and special.
There was a vote asking if we should hold the special episode until next week (proposed by two members who were the only ones to vote for that) most of the attendants voted to see the episode.
As regular, Nico is asked for CJ Ramen orders.
The Game Room has Super Smash Brothers and Marvel vs Capcom 3
Game Room showings: Level E, Kaiba, and Tatami Galaxy,
Dr. Jayson Chun entered with three students (not counted in the above list of attendees) to talk with those participating in the Honolulu Festival’s cosplay cafe.
AMS Officers Meeting March 5 2011:
Ten officers attended: Staci, Julia, Ivan, Gavin, Tyler, Nico, Randy, Kyle D, Jill, and Joe.
We will be going over plans for the events of this month.
Membership Training Event:
We can’t get a camping permit.
MT Drivers (max riders)
Ivan (9), Gavin (7), Nico (10), Jessica (4), Scott (9), Tim (6)
There is a discussion on whether to move the MT to the 24th and 25th and it was decided that we will move it to the 24th to the 25th. An announcement to the club (meeting and facebook) of this change will be made later.
Potential Schedule of MT (2 pm 24th to 4:00pm 25th)
2:00pm start at UH and leave for Laser Tag
3:00-6:00pm Laser tag at Dole Cannery
7:00-8:00 travel and ordering
8:00-12am Karaoke at Toma’s (with catered dinner)
1-2 am travel and set up
2:00-5am photo scavenger hunt (have an officer in each group)
5:00-8am breakfast (the dorm grill, prep, cooking, and eating)
8–10am showings
10-1pm shopping or showings (club breaks into 2 groups)
1-4pm showings and ending
The provided food may come from Safeway.
Otaku Java
We looked at previous versions of Otaku Java. The current OJ may do well to have more articles.
Bad Movie Night
We have confirmation for the POST rooms for Bad Movie Night and the Girls Day Party.
Food will always be in the movie room.
There is a discussion on potential showings for Bad Movie Night (e.g. Dragon Ball, Dead or Alive, Dead Alive).
Girls Day Party
We have confirmation for the POST rooms for Bad Movie Night and the Girls Day Party.
Food will always be in the movie room.
Food will be potluck.
We will have the regular gaming consoles.
As there is a cosplay event (Kawaii Kon photo shot) on the same day there are club members not attending the party.
Kawaii Kon
Club Kawaii Kon Panels
Yaoi Panel (1 hr, games, clips)
Yuri Panel
The Hentai Showings were cancelled.
Next KK Karaoke Preliminaries (March 20th) 9:00am Orvus Auditorium
Cosplay Laser Tag
The club will play laser tag on March 24th at 4:00pm, Dole Cannery.
Water War
If we have it, we should invite more clubs to join in.
Next officers meeting on April 2nd hosted by the Secretary (Ivan’s house).
AMS March 10, 2011
Approximately 27 attended (4 females, 23 males)
Mitsudomoe 2 Episode 9
Coyote Rag Time Episode 8
D Grey Man Epsiode 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29.
Game Room: Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Smash Brothers.
AMS March 11 2011:
Approximately 33 people attended (9 females, 24 males).
We have chicken, cookies and drinks.
Yesterday a large tsunami and earthquake hit Japan prompting a tsunami warning across the state. The first waves of the tsunami hit Hawaii around 3:00 this morning and lead to the UH closing all campuses today.
The AMS is still holding meetings at the regular time, however due to some closures we moved upstairs to Kuykendal 301 to initially gather. As we could not access our meeting romm, he club moved downstairs. We conducted the club meeting outside of Kuykendal, the courtyard towards the Sustainability Courtyard. Two projectors and a small television screen are used to set up a showing screen and two video game consoles.
Shaun (the game maker who has previously asked club members for help) has an announcement: he has found a 3D animator (Wayne) and is now looking for stories. He has 2-3 stories right now and needs at least 5. The story may be of any genre but the game will be primarily arena combat of teams of three with humanoid characters (furries are okay, but need to be bipedal). The background can be of any time or environment but must allow for magic (or at least magical effects that could be explained through advanced technology). At the moment the game is a puzzle RPG (however, he has one puzzle program and if you would like to add more for your story, you will need to provide the software and rights to use that software). He will also still need help from artists who could do texturing. The game is probably going to be released in episodic format (the first three episodes will not be released in 3D). Shaun is looking to have a May 15 release date so expediency would be appreciated. I f the game makes money then those who help will get some compensation (he does not think it will be much but, “ten dollars towards the new Pokemon game is something.”
The Honolulu Festival is tomorrow and may of the club members are helping with Dr. Chun’s cosplay café.
Bad Movie Night is also tomorrow (in POST, 6:00-9:00pm)
Otaku Java NEEDS artists to submit work. The pictures may be of one page size or less.
Otaku Java is also looking for new editors (Daniel may be one volunteer).
Otaku Java is also looking for a new Editor in Chief (Martin will be leaving soon; Renee has volunteered to take his place).
The new Layout person for Otaku Java is Anne.
Gundam Wing Episode 1
GoSick Episode 9
Durarara Episode 12
Eye Shield 21 Episode 1
The World God Only Knows Episode 4
The gaming consoles have Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
We also have a chess set in use.
The Secretary was sent to City Mill to purchase an extension cord.
It was decided that the meeting will end early today. At 7:00 we begin packing to go to C&J Ramen.

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