2010 Fall Minutes


August 27, 2010
Second AMS Fall 2010 meeting. Kuykendal 304.
Approximately 30 attended the meeting (21 males; 9 females).
The first part of the meeting was devoted to the “AMS Member Mixer”
People are to write down information on themselves then share the information with others present. Those who participate are eligible for a prize to be given at the next meeting.
New Officer Folders are handed out to the club officers.
Aspects of Business Meeting :
Discussion of future club events suggests that we may show the original Transformers movie for the first event.
The New Member party of the semester will take place either the last week of Sept or the first week of Oct.
Next meeting we will have nominations of what the club will watch for the rest of the semester,
Strike Witches Season 2 Episode 1
Hitman Reborn Episode 1
Black Butler II Episode 1 (part)
Black Butler Episode 1 (due to popular demand we switched from the second to first season)
Heroman Episode 2
Alternate Activities:
A Wii and PS3 are set up in the back of the meeting room with games to play.
Games Played: Super Smash Brothers, Scott Pilgrim versus the world, and Sonic.
The onsite club meeting ends. Club members are further invited to eat at CJ Ramen then go to a showing of Scott Pilgrim Versus the World.
AMS September 3 2010
Approximately 22 people attended (18 males; 4 females).
There are Jumbo Taco Bell drinks available for people to taste.
Prizes are given out to people who participated in the Member Mixer.
Business Meeting
Gavin introduces himself as the President
Opening Movie Night (same as yesterday), note it overrides the Friday meeting
Kyle D or Haku will run Vegas
Okinawan Festival Info (same as yesterday)
DDR in Imagination Land (Call for participants)
Nippon Culture Day: the JCC wishes to run a Yosakoi dance demonstration
Yosakoi sweet group dancing activity
First practice is in front of Kennedy Theatre this Sunday at noon.
Ben explained this event, he is the JCC liaison
Note: SCIO has been contacted about the cosplay
AMS Fundraising (same as yesterday)
Note: A discussion gives a reminder about alcohol being illegal on campus
Talked about Dr. Chun’s Tokyo trip
Showed the meeting outline (with winners of yesterdays voting)
Thursday Showings
Occult Academy
Fairy Tail
Anti-Nominations – an explanation is given over our voting methods
New Member Welcome Party, Fundraising, and Secondary fun events are to be planned next week.
First Round of Showings:
Clips of Japanese Spiderman
Bombshells From the Sky Episode 2 (showing halted midway due to viewer demand)
Clumsy Aki-chan Episode 1
Lord and Me One Minute Theater (Tono to Issho) Episodes 3 and 4
Voting for Semester Showings:
Simulcast Nominations First Vote
Uraboku – 13
Reborn – 5
Giant Killing – 9
Yumerio Pastissiere – 2
Lilpri – 0
Simulcast Nominations Second Vote
Uraboku – 8*
Reborn – 3
Giant Killing – 5*
Anime Nominations First Votes
Samurai Seven – 3
Digimon Adventure – 5
Street Fighter 2V – 1
Mobile Suit Gundam – 2
Full Metal Panic season 2 – 3
Darker Than Black Season 2 – 4
Baccano – 3
Pandora Hearts – 4
Magic Knights Rayearth – 1
Mushi-shi – 1
Higurashi – 1
Tegami bachi – 1
Combat Butler – 0
Death Note – 5
Tower of Druaga – 0
Natsume – 0
Anime Nominations Second Votes
Samurai Seven – 1
Digimon Adventure – 4
Full Metal Panic season 2 – 2
Darker Than Black Season 2 – 4
Baccano – 0
Pandora Hearts – 4
Death Note – 3
Anime Nominations Third Vote
Digimon Adventure – 5
Darker Than Black Season 2 – 2
Pandora Hearts – 9

Second Round of Showings:
Lilpri Episode 1 (switched mid-episode due to popular demand)
Bleach episode 286 (the opening only).
Hayakko Episode 1
Durarara episode 1
AMS September 9 2010
Approximately 22 people attended (11males; 11 females).
Food and Drinks were avaliable.
Fairy Tail Episodes 2 and 3.
Heroman Episodes 2 and 3.
Occult Academy Episode 1.
Mitsudomoe Episode 2
AMS September 10 2010
Approximately 34 people attended (25 males; 9 females).
This is the Movie Night event, taking place of the normal club meeting. The party lasts until 9:00pm.
Room 304 will be a videogame room.
Room 306 will be the showings room and also hold the party food.
Business Announcements:
Officers are to make bio slides.
New member DJ will take the VP Assistant (Female Representative) position.
The New Members Training is on the 8th.
See Facebook page for more details on membership training.
Participation is optional
The JCC party is rescheduled to the 24th with a Karakoe party at 8:00 at Toma’s
Officers are to work on some of the RIO paperwork.
Various You Tube Clips
Digimon the first season. We watch episode 1 and 2.
Movies Shown:
One Piece StrongWorld
Chocolate. (Live action Thai movie)
AMS September 16 2010:
Approximately 31 people attended (23 males; 8 females)
Business Meeting:
Introduction of what the club does
JCC Party September 17 at Toma’s 8:00 ($15), separate room for drinking age and under,
JCC Welcome Back Party
Cosplay Event (either participating or working the booth)
Lolita Hostess Bar
(Contacted both lolita clubs on the island)
Other Events
Laser Tag
Air Soft
Combat Sims (an Air Soft group)
Has the guns to arm everyone here.
Have their own field so we could have a cosplay battle
Movie Night
Bad Movie Night
Anime Movie Night
Officer Bios
Include name, major, picture, contact info
Kawaii Kon Staff Meeting is this Saturday at Kakaako park.
CrunchyRoll has announced that several new series are being released
The Medieval Weapons club will be having a party this Saturday tot he beach (Kaena Point – as far west on the island as you can go) around 1:30-2:00.
Mascot Contest
The club will be holding a contest to decided on a club mascot. Details of the contest will be discussed later.
Kaasan “Mom’s Life” Episode 1
Firy Tail Episode 4 and 5
Clip of a seiryu interview.
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan Episode 3 and 4
Heroman Episode 4 and 5
Occult Academy Episode 3
Mistudomoe episode 3
Room 308 is going to be converted to a game room now.
AMS September 17
Secretary did not attend meeting.
AMS September 23, 2010
Approximately 29 people attended (22 males; 7 females),
Business Meeting:
Japanese Festival (JCC) October 20
The JCC first club meeting and party is tomorrow
The New AMS Charter is explained
New Officer Slides are Presented
The submissions for the new AMS mascot(s) are shown.
New Activities
Mondays will have Japanese and Chinese Live action showings Kuykendall 306
Next Week we will be making final plans on the Membership Party, Halloween Party, and any other events.
Fairy Tail Episode 6 and 7.
The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Episode 4.
Heroman Episode 6 and 7
Occult Academy Episode 4
Mitsudomoe Episode 4
Videogame Room: Scott Pilgrim and Super Smash Brothers
AMS September 24 2010:
Approximately 27 people attended (19 males; 8 females).
Business Meeting:
AMS Statement of Objectives
Officer list – there are still positions open
Club Business
Nippon Cultural Day is October 28
There will be an AMS informational Booth (w/cosplay)
9:00 am – 3:00 pm East West Center
We have not heard back from the lolita groups
Items – There will be laptopns, projector, Otaku Java, Flyers, and Club Slide show
JCC Event
Today JCC is having their welcome back party at 4:30
After the party is a Toma’s karaoke party
Officer Structure/New Club Charter (See Facebook for more information)
The charter will be enforced this semester.
Notes: Three tiered membership system
Note: Elections will be held after New Member Welcoming Party
The Mascot Contest is still going on (till November)
Monday CJK Drama (joint venture with the JCC)
Submissions: IRIS, Jikou Keisatsu, Legend of the Sword and Fairy
Mom’s Life Episode 3
Digimon Adventure Episode 4, 5, and 6.
Pandora Hearts Episode 4 and 5.
Giant Killing Episode 3
Uraboku Episode 2 and 3
Video Game Room: Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Scott Pilgrim, BlazeBlue, and Bomberman available to play.
AMS October 1, 2010
Approximately 42 people attended (36 males; 6 females).
Digimon Adventure Episode 7, 8, and 9.
Pandora Hearts Episode 7,8, and 9.
Giant Killing Episode 4
Uraboku Episode 4
Videogame Room: Super Smash Brothers and a PS3 for BlazeBlue
AMS October 7 2010:
Approximately 29 people attended (21 males; 8 females).
Business Meeting:
The 24hr Membership party is tomorrow. It starts at Kuykendal 305.
Cake is given for those who helped at the Rio fair.
The World Only God Knows Episode 1
Otome yokai Zakuro Episode 1
Fairy Tail Episodes 11 and 12.
Heroman 10, 11, and 12
Occult Academy Episode 6
Moyashimon Episode 1 (part)
Mitsudomoe Episode 6
Videogame Room: Blazeblue and Super Smash Brothers
AMS October 8 2010:
Secretary did not attend meeting
AMS October 14 2010
Approximately 27 people attended (20 males; 7 females).
Fairy Tail Episodes 13, 14, and 15.
Squid Girl Episode 1
Heroman Episode 15
Occult Academy Episode 7
Mitsudomoe Episode 7
Naruto Shippuden Episode 180 opening and closing
Videogame Room: None
AMS October 15 2010:
Secretary did not attend meeting
AMS October 20 2010:
Secretary did not attend meeting.
AMS October 21 2010
Approximately 28 people attended (22 males; 6 females).
Business Meeting:
An Officers meeting held in an adjacent room as the video showings take place.
You Tube Clips
Fairy Tail Episodes 15 and 16.
Heroman Episode 16 and17
Occult Academy Episode 8
Mitsudomoe Episode 8
Videogame Room: None
AMS October 28 2010
Approximately 33 people attended (23 males; 10 females).
Business Meeting:
Earlier today there was the JCC Nippon Cultural Day which the club participated in,
The Halloween Party will be on Saturday at 4:00.
Halloween Party
Notes Taken By Kevin Tam while Ivan was out: There will be House of the Dead 2 and 3 and Dead Space to play. There will also be Zombie Tag played at the end of the party.
The party will take place between 4:00pm-10:00pm in six of the Kuykendal third floor rooms.
Food for the party will be provided by the JCC.
Anime Researcher: An undergraduate anthropology student asked if people in the club would talk with him.
Naruto Filler Clips
Stargate Atlantis clip
Fairy Tail Episodes 18 and 19.
Heroman Episode 18 and 19
Occult Academy Episode 9
Mitsudomoe Episode 9
Super Robot Wars Episode 1
Videogame Room: Super Smash Brothers and Blazeblue.
AMS October 29 2010
Approximately 36 people attended (29 males; 7 females).
Business Meeting:
Today is also the Homecoming festival (ongoing as our meeting starts)
There is a meeting for Flying Ape Incorporated next door.
Reminder: The AMS Halloween Party is tomorrow.
Went over the rules for the AMS Halloween Cosplay Contest
The projected judges will be Gavin, Ivan, and Jason.
There is no meeting Nov 11 – instead it will be a laser tag event with anime later.
November 25 there will be the Thanksgiving lunch and anime marathon.
Due to technical difficulties (the program froze) we are ending the business meeting midway.
Digimon Adventure Episode 16, 17, and 18.
Pandora Hearts Episode 14 and 15.
Giant Killing Episode 8
Uraboku Episode 7
Videogame Room: (Uncertain if there was one)
AMS November 4 2010
Secretary did not attend meeting. Kevin Tam took meeting minutes.
AMS November 5 2010
Secretary did not attend meeting.
AMS November 12 2010
Approximately 33 people attended (25 males; 8 females).
Yesterday was the Laser tag event (taking the place of the regular Thursday meeting).
Digimon Adventure Episode 22, 23, and 24.
Pandora Hearts Episode 19 and 20.
Giant Killing Episode 11
Uraboku Episode 9
Videogame Room: Super mash Brothers and Blazeblue
AMS October 8-9 2010 New Member Party
The AMS 24 hour New Member Party started in Kuykendal Hall at 4:00 pm on October 8, 2010. There was an anime viewing room and a videogame room. The viewing room showed The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Episodes 1-7, The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya Episodes 1 and 2, Panty and Stockings Episode 1, Heroman Episode 13 and 14. The videogame room had Super Smash Brothers and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
At 6:20 a meeting of the members present (37 in the room) voted whether the club should go to Hawaiian Brians or to CJ Ramen for food. Four voted for Hawaiian Brians and 15 voted for CJ Ramen – the rest abstained. It was decide that the club would leave for CJ Ramen at 7:30.
At 7:30-8:00 the club relocated to CJ Ramen, either by walking or taking a ride with one of the drivers present. Forty people arrived at CJ Ramen, more than the restaurant could hold, with 33 eating at CJ Ramen and 7 leaving to eat at nearby venues.
As they finished eating, the drivers began ferrying people to Crazy Karaoke. However, once at Krazy’s it became apparent that our party was to large to fit at Crazy’s and the club had to relocate to GS Studios in Waikiki. Approximately 38 people attended karaoke at GS Studios. The club rented two party rooms. The larger of the two party rooms was intended to be dedicated to Japanese language songs only, but, switched between languages at a few points in the night.
After karaoke the club relocated to a nearby Walmart store to shop for supplies for a morning beach trip. Note, there is some difficulty as there are to many people than can fit in the available cars.
At approximately 3:30 am (October 9, 2010) the club left Walmart and headed toward Sandy Beach on the East coast of the island. There is a short rest stop in a supermarket parking lot as the drivers regroup. A short visit is made at a nearby Safeway. The club arrives at Sandy Beach shortly after 4:00.
At the beach several games are played and the club eats what food (note, we had two hibatchis) we have as we wait for sunrise. We are rejoined by the Medieval Weapon’s club (who had been at the party earlier but had to leave). Some members swim. After sunrise, the club leaves the beach around 7:00 am to return to the UH campus.
At Kuykendal Hall once more the club begins a drinking (soda) game while watching Cromatie High (Episodes 1-6 are watched). There are 29 people still present at this point. At 10:00 sthe club divides into 1) those who will remain at Kuykendal to watch anime and set up for the remainder of the party and 2) those who will go on a shopping trip to the anime stores of Kaimuki.
Nineteen members go to Kaimuki. They visit Toys R Us, Collectors Maniacs, Toys N’ Joys, Gecko Books, “Mecha Hawaii” (this store is changing its name), and a magic shop. After a couple of hours they rejoin the rest of the club on the UH campus.
At UH, the anime viewing room and videogame room have been set up. The anime showings for the rest of the party are Eureka 7 Episodes 1-7. The videogame room has several changing games which include House of the Dead 2 and 3, Super Smash Brothers, Blazeblue, Scott Pilgrim, and Bomberman. DDR had been available but it was making too much noise and had to be put away after a professor complained.
Note, note for sometime (approximately half an hour) the power went out.
Five minutes to 4:00 the kohai (new members) who have stayed awake for the entire 24 hour party are asked to enter a dark room and wait out the last few minutes in darkness and silence. Eight kouhai have survived the 24 hours and they all remain awake in the last five minutes. In celebration of their accomplishment the club refunds them the cost of food at CJ Ramen and GS Studios karaoke.
The party rooms began closing around 5:00 pm. At 5:15 the club is gathered for final announcements and an award ceremony based on how well members participated in the activities. Throughout the night club officers recorded what party activities the club members participated in. Activities were given a point value and when combined would give the members a score for how well they partied.
Prizes are given out for the top five karaoke singers (in order, Stack, Ashley, EJ, Jill, and Alex), the highest scoring “Top Sempai” (Ashley), the highest scoring “Top Kohai” (Jill), and Best in Karaoke Show (Nico).
The total approximate attendance of the event is 43 people (30 males; 13 females).
AMS October 30 2010 Halloween Party
The AMS 2010 Halloween Party as held in Kuykendal’s third floor.
Throughout the night several rooms were dedicated to different entertainments.Main Room: contained the food and drinks (provided by the JCC and brought by members) and played Repo the Genetic Opera and various YouTube clips.
Karaoke Room: A Wii console provided karaoke on demand.Zombie Room: Videogame consoles were set up with the games Dead Reach, House of the Dead 2 and 3, Blazeblue, and Scott Pilgrim.
Videogame Room: Naruto and Tekken.
Videogame Room 2: Halo Reach and Tekken.Video Room Showings: Super Robot Wars, Noodle Fighter Miki, and Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon.
Korean Room Showings: Monster (Korean Horror Film)
The AMS Halloween Cosplay Contest took place in Kuykendal Room. Judges for the contest were Gavin, Ivan, and Eric. Contestants were to modle infront of the judges and perform a character skit. The contestants were judged on 1) detail of the costume and 2) accuracy of the characterization. Note, results of the contest were recorded in a separate file and were not included in the Secretary’s notes. Prizes were distributed to the top three scoring contestants as well as an additional three “judges favorites” contestants.
Around 10:00 a “Plue” pinata event was held.
By 11:00 the party rooms were being shut down and equipment put away. The floor was being cleared for Zombie Tag. For those who did not want to play, the Video Room remained open.
Zombie Tag rules: There will be one starting zombie who infects others with a touch. Players can hide in rooms on the floor (except the Video Room). In the larger rooms there will be foam weapons that can be used to fend off a zombie. The weapons cannot leave the room. If a player remains in a room for more than 10 seconds they will be instantly turned into a zombie.
There was one round of Zombie Tag before the club relocated outside. The club intended to play an outside version of Zombie Tag, but, the late night and prowling campus security lead to the party being concluded and the attendees dispersing.
The total approximate attendance of the event is 64 people (49 males; 15 females).
AMS November 11 2010 Cosplay Laser Tag Event
November 11 is Veteran’s Day. Instead of a regular club meeting a club outing to play laser tag while cosplaying will be held.
The club meets at Dole Cannery around 11:30. Some members are driven by carpool from the UH campus to the Cannery. The laser tag business (Rascal’s Family Fun Center) will not open till 1:00. To pass the time the club disperses to shop at Toylyxn or to eat at the various nearbu foodshops. The club regroups at 1:00 at Rascal’s.
There are 25 club members in attendance (19 males (4 in cosplay); 6 females (2 in cosplay). We stay at Rascal’s until nearly 6:00pm. 22 members played 3 games and 3 members played 1 game. The club played in 7 shifts several shifts contained only club members in the game room. The final round consisted of 20 members of the club (there were only 20 vests available total at Rascal’s).
After the laser tag event the group carpooled back to campus. There was a discussion as to whether the club should go to eat at CJ Ramen but the attempt was aborted.
On Campus, on Kuykendal’s third floor, a videogame room (X-box and Playstation 3) and an anime showing room were opened. An officers meeting took place in another room. 13 from the laser tag event remained with the group on campus and 6 other members now joined (all members present on campus were male).
At 7:30 the club dispersed. Some went to CJ Ramen, others left.
The total approximate attendance of the event is 31 people (25 males; 6 females).

AMS November 18 2010
Approximately 30 people attended (23 males; 7 females).
Business Meeting:
Thanksgiving Lunch Event: November 25 1:00pm-7:00pm potluck.

The club was sent an email detailing that during the Thanksgiving weekend there will be no power to Kuykendal. We can either pay the AC fees or cancel the room reservations and more to a new building. The President will go to the office and see about the room reservations.
Midnight premier for the Harry Potter Movie (1st half of the 7th movie) is tonight and several members of the club intend to attend together. There is an open invitation for the rest of the club to join.
Officer Elections are tomorrow
Mascot submissions are due tomorrow
Officer Nominations are today and tomorrow
Desc-riptions of the officer positions are shown.
Several officers are retiring this year.
Position Changes: The VPs may run the showings next semester and may chose the order of the showings each day. The showings for each day will still be chosen through voting. Each VP gets one of the days to run.
Officer Nominations:
President Nominations: Gavin (Seconded)
Vice President (Male): Hoku (Seconded)
Vice President (Female): EJ (Seconded)
Secretary: Ivan (seconded)
Treasurer: Tyler (seconded)
Communication: Justine (seconded)
Librarian: Jill (seconded)
RIO: Josh (seconded)
Diplomat (x2): Mango (seconded) and Randy (seconded)
Logistics: Nico (seconded)
Otaku Java Editor: Martin (seconded)
Branch Officer (Governor of KCC): Kyle D
Branch Officer (Mayor of HCC): Daniel
Branch Officer (Captain of LCC): Jeremey Nicks
Branch Officer (Lieutenant of WCC)” (vacant)
Branch Officer (Commander of WO): Professor Chun
Branch Officer (Chaminade): Joe
Junior Officers Nominations
VP (Female) Assistant
Julia Wilkens (seconded)
Pokemon Best Wishes Episodes 2, 3, and 4.
Fairy Tail Episodes 22, 23, and 24
Heroman Episode 22, 23, and 24.
Videogame Room: Super Smash Brothers and Scott Pilgrim
AMS November 19 2010
Approximately 32 people attended (25 males; 7 females).
Club Business:
Officer Elections
New Officer Nominations:
Vice President (Male)
Kyle Domingo
Total Officer Nominations and Votes (as necessary):
President Nominations: Gavin Shito
Vice President (Male): Hoku Fads and Kyle Domingo (after 3 tied votes, Hoku withdraws)
Vice President (Female): EJ Jones
Secretary: Ivan Sanidad
Treasurer: Tyler Nishikawa
Communication: Justine Elona
Librarian: Jill Baker
RIO/Student Life Development: Josh Young
Diplomat: Mango and Randy (withdraws)
Logistics: Nico Santos
Otaku Java Editor: Martin Strom
Branch Officer (Governor of KCC): Kyle Domingo (withdraws) and Randy
Branch Officer (Mayor of HCC): Daniel Park
Branch Officer (Captain of LCC): Jeremey Nicks
Branch Officer (Lieutenant of WCC): (vacant)
Branch Officer (Commander of WO): Professor Chun
Branch Officer (Chaminade): Joe
Junior Officers Nominations
VP (Male) Assistant
Hoku Fads
VP (Female) Assistant
Julia Wilkens (seconded)
Mascot Contest Entrees and Votes
AMS Tag Team (9)
Come with us Sempai (0)
Twilight Poop (2)
Cosplay Trio (3)
AMS Stewardess (1)
AMS 4E Trio (9)
Runnoff Mascot Votes
AMS Tag Team (6)
AMS 4E Trio (13)
Thanksgiving Lunch
November 25 Thursday (12:00-8:00) – party is from 1:oo-7:00
Potluck Style (not just chips and cookies)
Mango resigns as Diplomat.
Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Inheritors of the Will of Fire.
Digimon Adventure Episode 25, 26, and 27.
Pandora Hearts Episode 21 and 22.
Giant Killing Episode 26
Videogame Room: Super Smash brothers and Call of Duty

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