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MOE! Acknowledgement, MOE! Sad.

As much as I shouldn’t do this for my own safety….. I am disturbed by Moe. The genre is designed to generate ‘the feels’ generally associated with ‘puppy love’ and other forms of ‘grossly adorable’ emotional exchange between individuals, which is good and healthy if all the acting agents in the exchange where IRL People! Confusingly Moe fans happily participate in a one-sided emotional exchange which is usually reserved for crazy stabby members of celebrity fanclubs with the added sadness of there never being a chance outside of the fan’s imagination that would allow for a brief IRL encounter….. This form of unrequited emotional investment isn’t [tooltip title=”” content=”Mandatory Ronery Vocabulary: Nijigen-> 2D” type=”classic” ]Nijigen[/tooltip] exclusive.

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Curl Up With Your Man-I Mean-Mobile Device

 ‘There’s an app for That’ You might remember this as Apple’s pitch for their online store. You can not only buy music and movies, but also sweet ad-ons, games and applications for any purpose imaginable and otherwise. Most multitask their mobile devices (yeah remember when they were phones!?) as their camera, notebook, camcorder and even […] Continue reading →