The Garbage Pail Kids on Garbage Island better watch out!

that box is full of chopped up plastic children

So there’s a 19 year old who has a beef with Garbage Island. He’s devised a plan to destroy that floating haven of the Garbage Pail Kids in less that 5 years once implemented. Now this plan of his is just that, a plan. However, the reaction that he has received from the internets was so extreme that he needed to post a disclaimer a the bottom of his website:

The last couple of days several (spontaneous) articles have been published, claiming The Ocean Cleanup Array is a ‘feasible method’ of extracting plastic from the gyres.

This is an incorrect statement; we are currently only at about 1/4th of completing our feasibility study. Only after finishing that study, we believe such statements should be made. Although the preliminary results look promising, and our team of about 50 engineers, modellers, external experts and students is making good progress, we had and have no intention of presenting a concept as a feasible solution while still being in investigative phase.

Please stay tuned for this study, which will be published online in several months’ time.

We kindly request the press to refrain from any further publication, until all assumptions of this concept have been confirmed.

Thank you.

via The Ocean Cleanup – Boyan Slat.

Though if you check his website it actually takes about 3 to 4 clicks to get to the ‘get involved‘ page where he posts the disclaimer from the ‘welcome‘ page…. So, he wants people to get to a point where they are so convinced of the feasibility of the project that they will fund or assist the project due to the illusion of previous investiture…. or something akin to it… Though I must admit from the following video and articles that have sprung up around this plan of his I almost joined the ‘Captain Planet Youth Brigade’…..

19-year-old Boyan Slat has unveiled plans to create an Ocean Cleanup Array that could remove 7,250,000 tons of plastic waste from the world’s oceans. The device consists of an anchored network of floating booms and processing platforms that could be dispatched to garbage patches around the world.

via 19-Year-Old Student Develops Ocean Cleanup Array That Could Remove 7,250,000 Tons Of Plastic From the World’s Oceans | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

His ‘talk’… I shouldn’t but I will.. I got bored and skipped around because random vacation photos and my attention span are not friends.

Though I did take some solace in seeing these statistics:

Last week, his story was published on several websites and got picked up on Twitter, Facebook and especially Youtube. The views went form about 2.000 two weeks ago to 15.000 last Tuesday. On Wednesday it was 35.000 and now (Thursday 28 March 2013) it’s nearing 50.000 views.

via Boyan Slat goes viral | TEDxDelft.

I’m impressionable but in a nerdy/hipster kinda way… which makes me less uncomfortable with that little bit of sheeple I posses.

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