Curl Up With Your Man-I Mean-Mobile Device

‘There’s an app for That’

You might remember this as Apple’s pitch for their online store. You can not only buy music and movies, but also sweet ad-ons, games and applications for any purpose imaginable and otherwise.

Most multitask their mobile devices (yeah remember when they were phones!?) as their camera, notebook, camcorder and even alarm clock. Besides, who likes seeing THIS after that awesome dream sequence last night.




Wouldn’t your rather wake up to this?


Is that a doki-doki or are you just glad to see me?

This my friends, is the Sleeepy Boyfriend app available at the Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Androids from Black Butterfly and Visual Works. (Wait…doesn’t that name sound familiar?). The app is free to download and comes already packed with 13 Sleepy Boyfriends to choose from. Each come with two graphics, a regular pose and…a sleepy pose… (Think dakimakuras…without the pillow).
Featuring some big name voice actors, each boyfriend’s dialogue has its own personality and function as a sort of companion (depends on how cuddly your device is I guess….) throughout your nighttime from getting into the sheets and waking you up with gentle teasing and yawning in the morning. Just press a button to hear a warm and loving remark from your very own 2d guy. Such fetching comments include

“Stroke my head”
-Vol. 5 Reo (Hiroyuki Yoshino who also voiced ‘Briefs’ in Panty and Stocking)

“I don’t want to leave you awake alone”
-Vol. 2 Jin (Hiroki Yasumoto who also voices ‘Germany’ in Axis Powers Hetalia)

“Youre face is all red…because you’re with me?”
-Vol. 11 Tohma (Jun Fukuyama who also voices Lelouch in Code Geass)

And if you’re wondering what that huge clock on their pictures are (during Talk mode not Sleepy Mode) it still functions as an alarm clock, thats supposed to wake up along side you. (Though I’m not sure how effective it is to be woken up by a mumbling and still yawning hazubando) What really irked me was that the app doesn’t work background and it even advises to keep the app on while you sleep and (presumably) charging your ipad (or whatever device)
Well, the app is free so that’s a plus, and you already have a default arrangements of so many hazubandos to choose from. We have the playful flirts, the whimpering cuties and the slightly older ojisans and yeah I can say there’s a tsundere hidden somewhere. Its when you want to hear different and more varied dialogue that you have to open your wallet because each man has two additional voice banks for $1.99 each. (To excite your ears! XD So says the shop) Its nice for a giggle or two but I still would much rather use my cell phone than this to wake me up in the morning.

And if youre wondering why the rating for this app is 16 and over, lets just say when they say ‘excite’ they kind of went there.

Good night indeed.

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  1. All the title ‘sleepy boyfriend’ makes me think is the clip from south park and the museum of tolerance with the sleeping custodian.

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