The Alumni are those who graduated from college, left to the workforce, and/or had to go overseas. Many of them re-organized after layout revisions and club reforms in 2011 under the planning of Will Massey and Jessica L St.Clair. After the reform the group had created an identity online to show their groups organizational past with all prior alumni falling under the inverse banner with beam saber clash illustration at the bottom.

The Alumni are easily Identified by the inverted color scheme of black being the primary color while green and white are the secondary colors.They are seen as the fathers which have walked the Otaku path and brought it past the age of college. They take care of the website with well designed and written information that contributes greatly to the overall club.

Professional Achievements of AMS Alumni:

AMS Alumni with high levels of achievement tend to be former officers that studied abroad.
One Achieved JLPT Level 1 Proficiency Test Score (Studied in Japan)
One Army Officer with a DLPT Level 3/3 in Korean (studied in Korea)(Past Chairman)
(Co-translator for North Korean Manhwa Panel)
One Korean Translator for a Manga Company (Studied in Korea)
(Co-translator for North Korean Manhwa Panel)
One Professional Cosplay Photographer (Past Webmaster)
One Professional Animator (Past Secretary)
One Lead Singer in a Rock Band (Past Activity Coordinator)
One Leader of a large science fiction writing circle in an East Coast City (Studied in Japan)
(Past Activity Coordinator/Diplomat)
One Film maker (Worked for Signal Corp in Taiwan, In Film Making School in California)
Best Paper of the Year Linguistics Department UH Manoa (Studied in Japan) (Past Webmaster)
Two Monbusho scholars (Prestigious Government of Japan Scholarship to Study in Japan)
(Past Activity Coordinator/Overlord)


To outside observers, the AMS Alumni seem to be almost non existent except at special events. AMS members see alumni from time to time in AMS:UHM meetings and activities. Many higher levels of organization tends to still be online due to workplace responsibiltiies. A number of alumni who stand apart from the rest are the regional communications officers for the mainland United States, Hawaii, and other countries.

Connected through the online world, the Alumni are known for their knowledge of many past situations of the club and show their wisdom and knowledge through the group meetings online in chats.

Here are data files and agendas from Virtual Alumni Chats.
You can join virtual Alumni chats on #ams on Sundays usually.
clubdata2 This is the January-February Club Data
alum3 March Alumni Plan Slides

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