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The Japanese Animation Club in University of Hawaii is an Otaku club that goes by the name of Anime Manga Society. UHM: Anime Manga Society was founded February 2002. The club meets in Kuykendall & Holmes Hall, and have their headquarters at University of Hawaii Manoa.

UHM: Anime Manga Society participates in several anime conventions.

Ancient Records Reveal that the AMS has been creatively acquiring anime since February of 2002 when it first started meeting in the dark caverns of HIG 110 under the leadership of the Abe Siblings Darren and Darcy. Since then it has moved to Moore Hall (2003-2004), Kuykendal Hall and Miller Hall (2005), and then Kuykendall and Holmes Hall (2006-2009). Since Fall 2005 the club has met year round – including summer sessions at UH. We have had 2 Monbusho scholars, international students, legions of officers have been sent forth to Japan to study abroad, and two student films have been made about us. We have been the subject of academic research 3 times (that we know of!)

The group often meets at Kuykendal Hall as their main headquarters.

Interesting Fact: The actual website of the club is located at http://www2.hawaii.edu/~ams. This website is privately owned by AMS Alumni to promote the club and the spin offs of the club such as the alumni association and MOE.

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