2006 Minutes

2006 Ancient Minutes and Announcements

When: Saturday, December 2nd from 4pm-11pm
Where: UH Manoa Kuykendall Hall, Third Floor. http://www.hawaii.edu/campusmap/
Parking is $3 at the guard houses in the main parking structure or on east-west road
What: Christmas Party !!!! Bring your friends! You’re invited to join the Anime and Manga Society celebrate Christmas at their December 2nd partaay! Pizza chip in is $5 again. And as always, it’ll be a semi-pot luck. Post if you can make it and whether or not you’re bringing something with you~ Wink
Copy Of Flyer: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/animemangasociety/files/christmas06.pdf

Special Event
The special event at this year’s party will be a gift exchange. During which, a fanfiction with the words, “left” and “right” will be read alound. When you hear, “left,” pass the gift in your hand to the left. When you hear, “right,” pass it to the right. Participants will be standing/sitting in a circle. If you wish to participate, please bring a wrapped gift that costs about $10 with you.

Costume/Cosplay Contest
There will also be another costume/cosplay contest… with revisions. Details to be finalized soon. Tentative catagories are: Look-alike (please bring a comparison picture with you), most in character, craftsmanship, general (should you not fit into any other categories, the best person overall in this category will win), crowd favorite (determined by the audience), and judges favorite.

Costumes with an added “Christmas-ie” touch will be awarded bonus points by the judges. Winners will be awarded a certificate and a prize. There will be no “skits.” Expect the rules to be similar to last time. Updated rules and guidlines to be posted soon. Costumes that have previously won an AMS costume/cosplay contest are not eligible.

Bag Check
There will be a bag check available for those who wish to have their bags supervised by a club officer. AMS club officers will be supervising bags over rotating shifts. Bags will be labeled with numbers and corresponding ticket numbers will be given to the owners.

Yes! There will be three projectors running in the games room this time. If you’ve got a gaming console, games, controllers, etc. we hope that you’ll bring them to share. We’re especially hoping that someone will be able to bring their PS3, Wii, or 360…

We will be showing Tokyo Godfathers and Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie 2. Plus, we will also show the anime series Chokotto Sister.

Yes, there will be karaoke again.


This is Lisa T, your AMS (Anime and Manga Society) club president for
the 2006-2007 school year. <(^-^) I hope you're all having a great first week at school. Speaking of firsts, the AMS is holding its very first "Fall-In" pizza party and YOU'RE invited! Mark your calendars because it will be held this Friday (August 25th) from 4:30 pm to 7 pm in Kuykendall 307. There will be: FREE pizza and soft drinks Lots of fun anime to watch Our annual Kawaii-Kon pre-registration (group discount) sign-up, bring money if you're interested And more! So bring a friend, make friends, grab a bite to eat, and "Fall-In" with the Anime club! Another fun and exciting thing I would like to inform you about is our "AMS Welcome Back Party." It is well known that we have had large turnouts in the past and here's why: Hentai! Nah, just kidding. But really, here's what we do have other than our free food and soft drinks (potluck style as tradition holds it)--- ANIME ANIME ANIME AMVs (Anime Music Videos) Galore Special showings Cosplay Manga Swap Serious gaming + 3 HUGE projector screens *we hook up with the gaming club. Oh yeah! DDR Karaoke And more, much more. So once again, get ready to mark your calendars for Saturday, September 9th from 3 pm to 11 pm. As for where and what exactly. Stay tuned, that's a secret for now. Hee hee hee~ I'm looking very much forward to meeting you all and I'll see YOU on Friday! Lisa March 2006 - Kevin Be sure to check out www2.hawaii.edu/~ams for all of updates. Here's a few--- Proposed changes to constitution: -Change officers to paying members -addition of officers and descriptions for: IRO/Leazon Rep, and web-master -change election times and officer durations to reflect the school year -Dues for semester and year are flexible -candidates may be eligible for spring elections if join beginning Spring semester -Officers must be registered UH student but members don't have to -Add other sections for types of meetings: regular, officer, and extra -a few word changes to reflect current times -treasure as check signer -7 days to submit proposal for constitutional changes -add section for fan submissions For the schedule here's where we're at: March 17 - Vote on constitiution changes and change Will to IRO rep March 24 - Officer candidate nominations due March 31 - Spring Break (we'll do somethng for those still here) April 7 - The Sat, April 8th will be Kawaii-Kon cos party April 14 - Kawaii-Kon weekend (No Friday meeting) April 21 - Regular Meetings April 28 - Officer Elections May 5 - Last Meeting? All of this is subject to change. Other announcments: -We made $734 on fundraiser -we wil not be getting a hotel room with AMS funds for Kawaii-Kon January Meetings will now be held on Thursdays and Fridays!!! If you are not a registered member, feel free to drop by and pay $7 for this semester's registration. Those who have already payed $10 for both semesters are covered. Time: room open at 4:00 P.M., meeting starts at 5:00 Location: Kuykendall 407 & 408 Thursday, Jan. 13 - Discuss new business: newsletter, fundraiser - Plan this semester's anime series showings - Anime screening (series undecided) Friday, Jan. 14 - recap of Thursday's topics - Anime screening (final episodes of MaiHime) Please drop by and check out what we have planned for this semester! Club site: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~ams/ ~ Masako webmistress / Uruhara fangirl *is shot*

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